Thursday, June 11, 2009

How well do you know Nigel Ooi?

After i done this test, i move on with another friend of mine Nigel Ooi. Serioulsy i'm surprised that my score absolutely below average, thinking of hard understand about him. Maybe he is far apart from us... that really takes times for me 2 understand him. Oh well.. hope i can spend some time with him... when we meet in the future .. ^^

Let's continue below, here are the question:-
Correct answer = (Y) Wrong answer = (N)

1) My favorite show on satellite TV?
I dunno about it.. EPL is what? O.o

2) How many times have I traveled out of the country? (N)
Not sure how many times u travel b4... =.="

What is my Toyota dream car?(Y)

4) What is my favorite movie? (Y)

5) What time am I usually in bed by?
Oh well, i tot u go bed by 12am, dont sleep too late dude =.="

6) My favorite sport to watch is ________. (Y)

7) What phone I am using currently? (N)
I dunno about Neonode phone, nvr heard b4 =.="

8) Who is my favorite Disney character? (N)
I dunno, coz u never watch cartoon with me b4 =P

9) My favorite flavor of ice cream is ________. (N)
I dunno ur favourite coz u never eat ice-cream in front me b4 =.="

10) What color suits me best? (Y)

11) What is my favorite store to shop at? (N)
U like Tesco? I dunno about this =.="

What is my middle name? (Y)

13) What was my favorite holiday in Thailand? (N)
Oh well, i tot u're going 2 Phuket so i make a guess on phuket