Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Granny Birthday

My grandma my father's mommy... celebrated birthday on 6th of june 2009. It's another good year for my granny.. I would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday, i pray for her long life, bless her with good health. ^^ Well, as usual family gathering in my little uncle's house in Puchong. After came back from 1U, i took a shower n change clothes heading 2 uncle's house with family.

Once arrived my cute little nieces n nephew bugging me on the door. They are growing much taller.. after 1 year only meet them once. Being cute.. their mouth very talkative n non-stop calling me jie jie.. I tot suppose auntie? hhmm.. nah, whatever.. small matter.. hahaha. They're adorabale , cute n chubby.. eee.. feel like holding them and squeeze them nicely like pillow XD

Dinner started with cattering buffet... coz food arrived late 6.30pm, we need 2 help out 2 arrange table n chairs accrodingly. I dunno y i'm getting very bad luck that evening when i was thinking of getting fresh air outisde porch.. suddenly when i walked out the steel stand table legs hit on wrist near ankle on my right legs.. ouchhhh.. very painful untl my right leg got big swallon like elephant leg.. omg.. i can't even walk.. how petite n bad luck i am... >.<

Then continue with buffet.. food it's so so only.. i would say.. and i dont enjoy much coz my leg pains all the way. After eating time to cut cake for my granny. I took some of the photos of the event cutting cake with my granny. ^^ thanks to my cousin sis Jess Chang for being camera man that night and she also posted photos in my facebook. Now i'm more closer with my cousin sis... ^^ leng lui cousin sis please do keep in touch with me always.. ^^ Love U Jess Chang =P