Saturday, June 20, 2009

Infinity Maple Didi =P

After long time maple.. my guild alliance Infinity didi long time no on9 in maple. Erm.. y coz his acc been banned in maple. =.=" So happened yesterday night he login in n he pm me.. telling me that he is my didi. I think he quite touching when i posted in guild alliance notice board. Erm , he requested me to create maple character in my blog.. well i keep on forgettting at the same time i'm busy with work no time to blog.. I hope he can forgive him le.. T.T Finally today, i'm free to blog out and spend some time, blogging about my this didi.

I met him in mp3 training sg map as i still remember he help me to mega in mp3 map. Previosuly i dunno use mega phone in maple. He motivate to me.. to use the mega 1st time i dunno what choose the range for mega.. the cheapest i choose is 2k cash.. wtf, so damn expensive ma.. somemore i dunno is 1 time use the mega... waste money?

Then my didi invited me to join guild alliance, so we travelled to orbis nearly spending
about 5 mil meso to get the guild alliance done. Si beh expensive the guild alliance ... omg... so broke i got to farm hard to earn more meso. But i'm happy to have guild allia
nce coz i wanted this long long time ago... For my lovely didi, u must jia you in maple.. plz dont use hack in maple le.. jie jie miss u a lot.. do take care ya.. ^^