Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maple Story Episode 2 launching - AsiaSoft @ 1U

Long time about 1 week didn't update my blog. As i promised my little maple sis Dolly that i would upload this AsiaSoft event that i went on 6th June 2009. No time as i busy with work + i'm lazy 2 write on the blog. Today i have good mood & i started upload my picture up.

Let me intro a bit about the event while waiting my picasa photo album done. In conjunction of Maple Story 4th Anniversary, Asiasoft having roadshow for this special launching of Maple Story Episode 2 in One Utama, Bandar Utama Selangor. The event started on fri-sun 5th-7th June 2009. I'm excited about it, so i decided to drop by to 1U coz i'm planning to go 1U for shopping in JJ on that day. Sat, here i come.. as soon as i reach there, i'm busy searching for the event,walking quite big round lastly i found it.

What a surprise.. lots of ppl on sat especially school holidays, parents bringing out their kids for shopping. Mostly young kids at the age of 12-20 visting the event. It's happening a lot freebies and games to be win. Walking around there, asiafsoft sales girl, suddenly stop me asking whether i have asiasoft account & do i mapling? How excited.. she told me that i will get pink bean set for free if you can login to change your password. I rewarded a goodie bag, and i set of pink bean coupon for my maple character.

There will be counter registration if you do not have asiasoft account, just register it and you get it freebie as well. Beside Maple Story Episode 2 launched, there's other new online game launching as well. After that i walked around to @CASH counter, planning to buy cash but the offer it's good.. a series of launching new KOC prepaid card... but i can't buy it coz it's too much for me as the promotion doesn't suits me..I wanted its badly coz wanted 2 collect KOC card.. too bad.. can't afford to buy whole set which consists 7 cards = RM504. Dammit.. so expensive!! T.T

Nah.. just 4get it, as i continued to walk around by taking photos the whole event. Suddenly the DJ spoke up... and giving up some freebie by answering a few simple questions. Yeah, i still can remember it, and DJ is making fun with some silly questions. I got it right.. i been rewarded another goodie bag .. full with stuff .. so heavy~! GGGGRRRR... XD I opened it wow.. amazing inside have coffee, crackers n biscuits..yummy .. hahaha XD that's the best of me... i enjoyed it well. The worst is i gotta carry the goodie 2 continue shopping.. damn heavy... carry 1 side of my shoulder.. T.T but i really enjoyed it. Cool day ever... well do enjoy my photos, erm.. just ignored my face and my hair.. coz without make up on that day..casual wearing XD