Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home Made DIY Mixed Fruit Tea

I love this mixed fruit tea when I had my dinner in Pasta Zanmai last week with my family. I tasted this drink I feel very refreshing with lots of fresh fruits. This jug is enough for 4 portions so it's not enough for me!! Price per jug cost RM18.  I try figuring out how to make this drink. Here's simple method which you can DIY =D

Suitable 4-6 persons
1) Combination of mixed fresh fruits. (You can subtitle any fruits of your choice)
2) Peach Tea (Recommended  Green Tea+Peach Justea from Yeo's) x 6 cans
3) Ice Cube 

1) Peel & wash all fruits. Next dice fruits into cubes. Dumb all fruits into Juice Cooler Pail 
2) Open all 6 cans Green Tea+Peach Justea, pour into Juice Cooler Pail.
3) Stir & mix it well together with fruits.
4) Lastly, add Ice Cube and mix well. Tada, it's done now. =D

For more info, please refer below... 

Combination of mixed fresh fruits

Green Tea+Peach Justea from Yeo's

 Juice Cooler Pail 

Mixed Fruit Tea can be serve as cocktail

Fresh fruits

Mixed Fruit Tea can be serve as dessert form (Tong Sui)

I have simple mixed fruit tea done just in 20 min. It's so refreshing after long hours of working & also hot sunny day. This drink can help you release your tiredness and fruits is good for digestion. You can serve as cocktail style or serve as dessert form (tong sui). Hope you all like it!! =D


bone90hero said...

it makes me feel thirsty haha..

Merryn said...

cool! makes me wanna drink some right NOW! :P

Unknown said...

HY: DIY = Do It Yourself. Very nice le.. hahahaha

Merryn: Lolz... Nice 2 drink hahaha