Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pasta ZanMai Empire Gallery Subang Jaya

Weekend is most precious time to spend with family. We have wonderful dinner in Pasta ZanMai in Empire Gallery Subang Jaya.This my first time of eating Pasta Zanmai, so I have no idea what is good inside. I came across lots of food blogger, most of them it's good to eat. From the shop name, I know main dish is Pasta so I'm going to eat pasta.. First time eaten Japanese pasta, I wonder is that same like Italian pasta? hehehe.

Service is quite fast over here, I'm surprised that they're using high-tech gadget, PDA for ordering service.  Gee, paperless.. green earth save more trees!! I flipped the menu, first page is dessert, tempting me. I feel like eating all food inside the menu. =P

Heh.. How come Pasta got Tabasco sauce? Is that American sauce?? I tot suppose is Shoyu & Nistumi sauce. My daddy like this Tabasco a lot. He sure miss it when he work in oversea. hahaha

At first I don't understand why these plates on the tables, after I do survey then I only know the food we ordered is big portion can be share share. These small plates is for sharing purposes. =D

Disposable chopsticks, with Pasta ZanMai cover. 
But i prefer to use Japanese long stainless steal chopsticks!! =X

Bro and sis having fun talking with each other =D

Sis, me & mom =D

My favourite Salmon Salad, Yum =D

Salad Cream Sauce. What is the ingredients?

Cheers =P

Sis & BF

Do they look couple??

Green Tea, unlimited refill

Large jug of Mixed Tea fruit

Mixed Tea fruit

Single Plain Egg Pasta

Pasta Sauce

Asari to Kinoko no Cream Sauce
Short-neck Clam & Japanese Mushroom Cream Sauce Pasta Set

Asari to Kinoko no Cream Sauce
Short-neck Clam & Japanese Mushroom Cream Sauce Pasta

Me enjoying the food =P

Chicken Eggs Don Set 

Chicken Eggs Don Set come with small salad

Chicken Terayaki Don 

Curry Mussel Pasta Set 

Hotate to Kinoko no Mentaimayo Pizza
Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with spicy Cod Fish Roe & Mayonnaise Pizza

Smile =D

Family photos, Enjoying =P