Friday, January 20, 2012

Curry Wan Tan Mee @ SFS Kopitiam

SFS Kopitiam, Aman Suria

Been craving for this Curry Wan Tan Mee. Been long time did not back to this shop for yummy noodles. I'm not a fan of curry mee, but the curry here obviously kicking my taste bud. 2 years such a long time did not step into this place, I came here mostly on Monday sadly the shop it's closed on Monday, but today timing is good had a chance, dropping by for this noodles. =)

Both husband & wife of the shop owner

This shop located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya. Business hours as early as 6am-4pm weekly from Tuesday-Sunday. Being friendly the shop owners are both husband and wife working together for many years ahead. I love the humor that he greeted his loyalty customers. Advise to be early to avoid packing with lots of people. Be prepared to wait for at least half an hour or more as everyone seated inside the coffee shop will be waiting for a plate of good Char Siew noodles. Reviewed by food bloggers and Sin Chew daily newspaper article.

Sin Chew Daily review

Caramelized Char Siew reheated inside Oven

This shop famous for it's caramelized Char Siew. To maintain yummy and juicy Char Siew, the shop owner reheated the Char Siew into oven before serving out with noodles. Tips before eating noodles, take a slice of Char Siew put into your mouth. You find caramelized Char Siew literally melt in your mouth. Juicy & sweetness, satisfactions, thumbs up!! xD

Signature Curry Wan Tan Mee big-RM5.50

My favorite Curry Wan Tan Noodles can't miss it. It's also signature dish that definitely must try. Curry noodles came with big cockles, taufu-pok, long beans and fried Wan Tans. Thumbs up for the curry broth, it was thick and rich, with a mild peppery heat and intensely flavorful spices. Fatter strands of Wan Tan noodles were used for the curry broth, everything it home made, excellent! =)

Lot's of Char Siew inside curry soup

Big bowl cost RM5.50, while small bowl cost RM4.50. The best is squeezing limau and mixed together everything ARRGGHHH.. 1 word, delicious!! Can't describe anymore.. all you have to do is try yourself! Enjoy.. happy eating!! =)

SFS 747 Kopitiam Best Char Siew
747 Kopitiam (SFS Kopitiam)
Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cai Shen @ Citta Mall

Next photo hunting for CNY decorations will be at Citta Mall. After X'Mas decoration Citta Mall management change into CNY stuffs quickly and efficiently without delay. Been there after heavy shower of rain, contractors been busy testing on the lights. Some of the decoration modified from last X'Mas, added red  lanterns to suit CNY celebrations. Not forgetting CNY songs been on the air to light up CNY mood.  Let view below photos =D

Photo Deco #1

Photo Deco #2

Photo Deco #3

Photo Deco #4

Photo Deco #5

Photo Deco #6

Photo Deco #7

Photo Deco #8

Photo Deco #9

Photo Deco #10

Photo Deco #11

Saturday, January 14, 2012

UFO Desserts & Drinks @ SS2

Back with food blog this time, first review I read over this UFO Desserts & Drinks @ SS2 from Issac Tan, one of the famous food blogger in social networking chains. Wondering what is UFO at first, once clicking, opening page and scroll down only realized is another Taiwanese Desserts Shop. Been growing like mushrooms in Malaysia, nevertheless I should try it out. I was looking for this shop quite sometimes in SS2, somehow timing is right at the same time I was invited by friend which is familiar in SS2 for Yum Char session. Hehehehe... xD

Front Shop

Located in SS2, just beside Wing's Cafe, UFO Desserts & Drinks open daily from 1pm-1am. Business is good during night time especially after 10pm, everyone coming out for supper or Yum Char, you know KL's people nothing much to do but to love eat and eat. As usual you need to queue up for ordering session. To make easy for ordering session, menu labelled clearly with big transparent bill board so that you're able to view all at one time. Staffs been friendly is also another credit for smoothing ordering session.

Menu for ordering

Cashier Front shop

I was wondering why this dessert shop named UFO, any logic behind? Maybe they are aliens in this shop? Lolz, lame of me... hehe. There you go, I unlocked mystery of UFO. I saw UFO in this shop!! @_@ UFO its actually a trademark device for ordering tag, replacing printed numbering in paper form. Eco friendly which I believe this device is actually can be recycle, save trees cutting down on papers. Act like a buzzer blinking & vibrates to inform your ordering process is ready for collection at the counter. Attractive? Now you can play around this device for a few minutes while waiting.. =P

UFO device

UFO offering varieties series of desserts including grass jelly, QQ ball, soya ice and matcha ice for base range while toppings including peanuts, aloe vera, crystal pearl, yogurt popping balls, pearls, etc etc. Here you can choose 1 topping RM4.50 or 3 toppings RM6.00 for your ice. Signature for this dessert will be Classic UFO RM6.00 including QQ Balls, Grass Jelly, Grass Jelly Ice and Creamer. Tasty, worth for the money value =)

Classic UFO  RM6.00

QQ Balls, Grass Jelly, Grass Jelly Ice and Creamer

Next will be UFO Lemon Ai-Yu is also another famous dessert in UFO. RM4.50 with Yogurt popping balls, Ai-Yu Jelly, shaved ice & lemon juice. These transparent globes burst in your mouth, spewing sweetish sour yogurt, tasting fluid that is simply delightful to eat. For those who love sour taste, lemon juice mixing up together with all the ingredients giving kicking taste that definitely thumbs up. xD

UFO Lemon Ai-Yu RM4.50

Enjoying myself with lovely dessert, will be back for second time to try some other light snacks & drinks in this shop. Reasonable price for tea time or hang out with friends. Wifi available too at this shop, so drop by to UFO today. Have a nice day! xD

UFO Desserts & Drinks
Jalan SS2/60, SS2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 07.119' E101 37.437'
(Same row with CIMB Bank)
Opening hours: Daily 1pm - 1am

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yellow Dragon @ Sunway Pyramid

Chinese New Year for year 2012 coming soon.. Photo hunting started with Sunway Pyramid. This year is a Dragon year according to Chinese Calendar. Sunway Pyramid welcomes the Lunar New Year with the Majestic Rising of the Dragon.

Photo Deco #1

Photo Deco #2

Photo Deco #3

Photo Deco #4

Photo Deco #5

Photo Deco #6

Photo Deco #7

Photo Deco #8

Photo Deco #9

Photo Deco #10

Yellow Dragon so big... Fierce with red eyes, ROAR~ suitable for theme of the day. It's believe that dragon living within mountains together with spring water. Some Chinese tradition applied in this CNY decorations. Can't resist myself for photo shooting. Took photos with beloved sisters... hehehehehe xD

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New look 2012

2011 - Straight hair

Hello everyone, 2012 is here! Let me start my story early Jan 2012 with my new look. Craving for a change in year 2012, new hair style.. Wanted to try something different.. at last I got this Hair style. What do you think? =)

2012 - Curly Hair

Welcome 2012, Happy New Year

I have so much to say about year 2011, where should I start... hhhmmm. I been doing good in year 2011, through out my journey lots of obstacles that I been through, not forgetting happy moments and unhappy moments. Rocky mountains, up and down but summary in short I'm blessed in year 2011. Need a lot improvement on myself, self management to be better in the year of 2012.

Few quotes below motivating I would like to share out:-
1) A champion is not a person that keeps on winning and owns all,
a champion is someone who never gives up.

2) Never give up on what you really want to do.
The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.

3) If you want to enjoy your life, the first thing you have to do is
to be thankful of what you have now. That's the first key.

4) Try to be the best you possible, and if you falter, try again until you succeed.
Never lose hope and never give up!

5) Life's the best school. God's the best teacher.
Problem's the best assignment. Failure's the best revision.

Good Bye 2011, Wishing everyone Happy New Year,
Welcoming year 2012. God Bless, Thank you =)

Hungry Boy

Front Entrance

New Year eve have dinner in this shop called Hungry Boy. Friend been reminded me "Hey.. similar name to "The Hungry Hog"" from my previous blog. First I doubted the quality of this shop because seems like unpopular and the shop it's empty. I felt awkward to walk into this shop, by looking the shop decorations, I changed my mind. The food photography on the wall attracted me that much, so at last I decided to give a try on it.

Shop Deco Photos #1

Hungry Boy is a Japanese Donburi House. Located at 1st Floor, Subang Square Corporate Tower, SS15 Subang Jaya. Adapted to local culture, there are chairs and tables for comfortable dining. Well decorated shop with lot's of food photos clearly describe in English & Japenese wordings. The shop it's clean, workers are friendly.

Shop Deco Photos #2

Shop Deco Photos #3

Shop Deco Photos #4

Shop Deco Photos #5

Waitress recommended me to try this Potato Salad. She keep on convincing me to try it out and she said "It's delicious". Wondering what is so special about this Potato Salad. It's common salad that can you can even get it in any Japanese shop. Without thinking much, I ordered this Salad give a try on this. First bite only mash potatoes with sweet gravy. To me it's nothing special with the price RM4.50, only a single scoop. I keep on trying till I dig bottom of the mash  potatoes, then I only realized inside it's tuna. So I mixed everything well and eat together with tuna. Wow, the taste it's totally different it's savory, act as appetizer  & also opening up your taste bud before you start on your main course. I admitted it's DELICIOUS!!

Potato Salad RM4.50

Common meal coming together with Miso soup. I'm kindly cranky with fermented soy bean smell when drinking Miso soup. To me this is something different that actually suits my taste. Inside soup they have bigs onions and carrots that makes soup go yummy!! =)

Miso Soup

Tried this Chicken Katsu Curry Don. The Japanese term "katsu" comes from the English "cutlet," and usually refers to a deep-fried chicken cutlet. This curry recipe is a little milder than most curry tastes. Katsu curry is usually served with rice and red-dyed pickled daikon on the side. Not bad actually with the price RM7.50 at affordable price. Big portion that can make your tummy go bloated. =)

Chicken Katsu Curry Don RM7.50

I had this Shogayaki Don. Shoga means ginger, and yaki means grill or fry. Fresh onion is an important ingredient for this meal. This is one of popular food in Japan. Also it is Bento favorite. Sweet and spicy taste and soy sauce on chicken meat mixed with white Japanese plain rice. This sweet & savor food, you may want to eat more..!! I would say it's yummy too!! Worth for money value with the price of RM7.50 =)

 Shogayaki Don RM7.50

Overall I would say this shop recommended to try. Mostly this shop it's catering for Taylor's students. During lunch hour will be packed. Happy eating!! =D

Hungry Boy
1st Floor, Subang Square Corporate Tower,
SS15 Subang Jaya. Malaysia

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

During evening of new year eve, I visited Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. Curious to know what is inside, decided to leave my car aside and walk around. Taylor's University Lakeside Campus located at Jalan PJS 7/5 surrounded by a revived 5.5 acre man-made, a landscape of water plants, trees and flowering shrubs, and groundcover that provides a rich, stimulating natural environment and set on 27 acres of tropical greenery scene. More details click here

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

Photo #8

Photo #9

Photo #10

Photo #11

Photo #12

Photo #13

Photo #14

Photo #15

Photo #16

Photo #17

Photo #18

Photo #19

Photo #20

I'm amazed by the environment and greeny lifestyle. I wish I'm a student here too, enjoying my studies and student life. Everyone can visit here anytime for meals or meeting friends. I enjoyed myself here and not forgetting my routine, photos, photos & photos.. =P Enjoy!! =D

No. 1 Jalan Taylor's, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Phone: 603-5629 5000
Fax: 603-5629 5001