Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hungry Boy

Front Entrance

New Year eve have dinner in this shop called Hungry Boy. Friend been reminded me "Hey.. similar name to "The Hungry Hog"" from my previous blog. First I doubted the quality of this shop because seems like unpopular and the shop it's empty. I felt awkward to walk into this shop, by looking the shop decorations, I changed my mind. The food photography on the wall attracted me that much, so at last I decided to give a try on it.

Shop Deco Photos #1

Hungry Boy is a Japanese Donburi House. Located at 1st Floor, Subang Square Corporate Tower, SS15 Subang Jaya. Adapted to local culture, there are chairs and tables for comfortable dining. Well decorated shop with lot's of food photos clearly describe in English & Japenese wordings. The shop it's clean, workers are friendly.

Shop Deco Photos #2

Shop Deco Photos #3

Shop Deco Photos #4

Shop Deco Photos #5

Waitress recommended me to try this Potato Salad. She keep on convincing me to try it out and she said "It's delicious". Wondering what is so special about this Potato Salad. It's common salad that can you can even get it in any Japanese shop. Without thinking much, I ordered this Salad give a try on this. First bite only mash potatoes with sweet gravy. To me it's nothing special with the price RM4.50, only a single scoop. I keep on trying till I dig bottom of the mash  potatoes, then I only realized inside it's tuna. So I mixed everything well and eat together with tuna. Wow, the taste it's totally different it's savory, act as appetizer  & also opening up your taste bud before you start on your main course. I admitted it's DELICIOUS!!

Potato Salad RM4.50

Common meal coming together with Miso soup. I'm kindly cranky with fermented soy bean smell when drinking Miso soup. To me this is something different that actually suits my taste. Inside soup they have bigs onions and carrots that makes soup go yummy!! =)

Miso Soup

Tried this Chicken Katsu Curry Don. The Japanese term "katsu" comes from the English "cutlet," and usually refers to a deep-fried chicken cutlet. This curry recipe is a little milder than most curry tastes. Katsu curry is usually served with rice and red-dyed pickled daikon on the side. Not bad actually with the price RM7.50 at affordable price. Big portion that can make your tummy go bloated. =)

Chicken Katsu Curry Don RM7.50

I had this Shogayaki Don. Shoga means ginger, and yaki means grill or fry. Fresh onion is an important ingredient for this meal. This is one of popular food in Japan. Also it is Bento favorite. Sweet and spicy taste and soy sauce on chicken meat mixed with white Japanese plain rice. This sweet & savor food, you may want to eat more..!! I would say it's yummy too!! Worth for money value with the price of RM7.50 =)

 Shogayaki Don RM7.50

Overall I would say this shop recommended to try. Mostly this shop it's catering for Taylor's students. During lunch hour will be packed. Happy eating!! =D

Hungry Boy
1st Floor, Subang Square Corporate Tower,
SS15 Subang Jaya. Malaysia