Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Marufuku Udon

New Year Eve... New Year Eve... Coming to very year end soon... I'm sure you guys have lot's of program me having fun to celebrate last day of 2011. For me I love to enjoy food, so mana ada nice food to eat, sure never stopping myself from trying. I’m never been a fan of noodles especially with hot soup. Why? Because I find it eating tedious and wasting a lot time. You know when you're hungry time, sure wallop finish fast, right? Lot's of time I been skipping noodles with hot soup & trying to order noodles without soup that safe time indirectly saying a quick meal to ease my hunger. Due to some reason, I choose to change. For starting part I find it's hard.. after quite sometime.. when I'm adapted it, I only realized noodles with soup it's actually tempting till max. Noodles with soup is also another option added in my food list from now onward.

Introducing by friends, they bought me into this shop called Marufuku. Marufuku is modern Japanese casual dining. The cuisine will be totally unique as it is an UDON specialty shop. They are the first and only fresh udon concept in Malaysia. The major difference is the texture of their Udon. Marufuku offers a variety of freshly made udon for as little as RM6. A serving of udon will come in either cold or hot broth made-to-order within minutes. You get to choose and pick from a variety of delicious tasting crispy tempura-type toppings such as ebi, kakiage, pumpkin, mushroom, eggplant, lotus root, squash and sweet potato.

Popular & Famous Udon in this shop, Original Soup Noodles RM6, Served either Hot or Cold, in a fish-based broth, topped with green vegetables & chopped spring onion. Best served with a sprinkling of shichimi powder. Recommended cold it's best =D

Original Soup Noodles RM6

Next would be best is Nebayaki Udon (includes a seafood dumpling, 1 prawn tempura, an egg, mushrooms & beancurd skin) RM10. Served in clay-pot boiling hot soup.. it's good to have it during cold season xD

Nebayaki Udon RM10

I love Oyako Udon very much because of marinated chicken go with Omelette plus big onion that makes the sweetness of the soup. Can't resist to drink more, FREE of MSG.. natural ingredients that make yummy. RM10 served in hot and it's big portion xD

Oyako Udon RM10


What can you get food taste good at the lowest price? The best thing is TAX Free!! Experience yourself with delicious Udon at the heart of Japan. Simple and delicious!! xD

Marufuku Udon
Jaya One
Blk L, Unit 18, Level G,
Phase 1, Jaya One
No 72-A, Jalan Universiti,
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603- 7957 6368

Marufuku Udon Taylor's Lakeside Campus
LG1-10, Syopz @ the Boardwalk,
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus,
2, Jalan Taylors, 47500 Subang Jaya