Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1U CnY Decoration

After walking quite some time, we saw the crowd in the middle of stage.. as usual me the busy body want to go see what is all about in the crowd in New Wing.. Wow.. What nice decoration they have it's Japanese Chew Choy Mau (Japenese Luckily Cat) decoration at the stage. New see is so big gigantic size.. LMAO But it's nice... Lolz..

As i move little bit front I saw ppl setting up the stage for the lion dance. So everyone is waiting to enjoy the Lion Dance sponsored by Maybank. It's about 1 hour standing there.. holy shit my legs is so tired and cram. .and packed with people! Hard for me to snap photo as well... But i managed to take it.. so please bear in mind the photo not very clear... ==""

Japanese Chew Choy Mau (Japanese Luckily Cat) decoration

Some souvenir shop

Drummer starting the Lion Dance

Lion Dance stage crowded with ppl

2 little cute Lion