Monday, February 08, 2010

Japanese Confectionery

This is some interesting I would share it out.First time I came across Japanese confectionery food which one of Japan customer couriered as gifts to our company. It's new to me I had a chance to eat.. Oh well, I tasted biscuits which good to eat soft and crunchy. Please bear with I don't know how to read Japanese so the terms of the food might not accurate.. ==""

Aosma Biscuit - crunchy with vanilla flavor

Mango & Rare Caramel Cream Pie - I tasted peach flavor also

Another gift that is instant Ochazuke Japanese ingredients whereby Japanese like favor food. It's well packed with a lot variety flavors. Sorry i dunno how to read Japanese can't translate the wording. Let see below how to cook with this.

Ochazuke 8 variety flavors X 5 packet each

Pour the Ochazuke and makes with hot water.
Put more water if it's salty

Lastly, pour rice into Ochazuke and mixed with it.
You can now eat with together rice (^.^)