Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Nyonya Color @ 1U

Last weekend, I was invited by my sis & her bf to shop in 1U. Almost a few months did not been 1U so end month it's good choice to shop for CNY stuffs. I have no idea what they have there, perhaps a good discount sales that attract me. After walking a few shops, we decided to stop for lunch at old wing building. Tired of walking, my sis bf's recommended us to eat have some Nyonya food that offering his favorite asam laksa.

The shop called Nyonya Color, offering variety of kuih-muih (pan cakes, cakes and biscuits) that attracts me the most. Once I see the those colorful i can't help it to take photos.I use to eat when i'm hometown but in KL the price it's slightly expensive than my hometown. So i'm not buying those, instead of buying a proper meal for lunch. Local Nyonya delicacy, I hope it's good compare to original Melaka town food.

I ordered Mee Rebus and dessert "Hak Lo Mai" (black pulut hitam) that makes me drooling easily. This shop it's full with lots of people with self service. Food price also quite reasonable if you eat inside shopping complex...Let looks at the photo..

Shop named Nyonya Color

A lot variety food served there

Colorful kuih-muih

Kuih-muih it's well packed

My favourite ondeh-ondeh

This is how much I spent for the food.. Exp??

Nyonya Mee Rebus

Nyonya Cucuk Udang

Nyonya Ice-Kacang

Nyonya Gandum dessert

Nyonya Hak Lo Mai (black pulut hitam)

Nyonya Asam Laksa