Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grand Garden Steamboat - Taipan USJ

Yesterday night weather in KL very bad, with heavy storm rain. I was about to wake up from nap, it's started heavy rain with heavy lighting . I opened my eyes, grabbed my phone to check on time.. Arggghh.. it's 7pm the sky it's very dark like 9pm at night. My stomach started yelling, hungry after lunch at 12pm. I have to wait the heavy rain stop than I only can go have my dinner. Despite while i'm laying in bed, what came across in my mind about dinner for tonite coz cold weather after heavy rain. Yeap, that's right steamboat that the right choice. Just nearby my house there's Japanese steamboat that caught my eyes long time ago. Just today it's right time for me to taste it out with family... Another hot plate steamboat with it's individual portion that you can eat all at the price of RM26.80. Children it's half price.

I'm attracted with the steamboat preparation coz it's looks like Japanese sushi with table rolling, whereby you can take what ever you like to eat. Being clean & hygiene with small portion of food just nice for my stomach as they did not waste the food, packing in small portion stuffs.Variety soups you can select such as Chicken soup, herbal soup, prawn soup, tong yam soup & Extra spicy soup that made your dinner really tasty. I love fried wantan, Har kou and Chicken wings, tempting yet I love most is peaceful and quiet!! Recommended to eat.. ! (^.^)