Monday, August 13, 2012

Rabbit Farm @ Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi Resort is located about 35km away from Kuala Lumpur, with the fastest connecting route through the Karak Highway, which can be accessed from end of the MRR2 Expressway at Gombak. From Kuala Lumpur, you can jump on the MRR2 Highway right to its end at Gombak, where the Karak Highway begins towards Bukit Tinggi and the East Coast. Follow the signboards to Genting Highlands, paying toll of RM5.00 before approaching the windy mountain road.

While covering only about 35KM to Bukit Tinggi Resort, the journey can take about an hour due to the steep and twisty route, with large trucks providing overtaking hazards along the way. After passing the Genting Sempah rest station, watch out for the exit to Berjaya Hills at left, about 8km later. From this point on after the guardhouse, it's a scenic journey on a slightly narrow road all the way up to Bukit Tinggi Resort, climbing steadily through the highlands with magnificent rain forest scenery. [quoted from website]


My first destination pick stop was the RABBIT FARM. The rabbit farm is not included in the entrance fee to Colmar Tropicale. Entrance fees are RM3 per head to get in, which is very cheap indeed. Beside rabbits, they do have other animals for your visits such as guinea pigs, rain deer, peacocks, donkeys.

Entrace Fees [RM3.00] per head


Beautiful feathers

Guinea Pigs

Rain Deer

Farm are selling rabbit foods which is RM 1 per packet, whereby you can feed the tame rabbits by yourself. They were pretty tame, which made everyone even more curious. I saw some of the visitors can’t stop petting their backs with soft furs.

Me at Rabbit Farm

Kids feeding rabbit

Patting rabbits

I love you rabbit!

Rabbit nested inside hole

The area where children can interact with the rabbits was actually pretty small, and they had to climb up a small fence to get in. The fence was to avoid the rabbit from jumping out of the compound. Average in between 40-50 rabbits in the compound for children to play with. They were pretty strict though on the matter of handling because afraid that visitors will hurt the rabbits.As I knew I'm not allowed to lift the whole rabbit up but patting was OK indeed.

Donkey Farm

White female donkey

Brown female donkey

Antelope fighting

I spent some time here, taking pictures and there was also a small playground next to it, as well as a small petting zoo. If you were in the mood you can also take up a ride on a donkey [pony], cost about RM6. There was also a small deer cage, donkey cage and breeding area for the rabbit that if you can go an have a look. The playground was also well maintained and clean with nice grassy area. You can even bring a small mat and have a picnic there as the weather was gorgeous and it was very cool in the breeze. Nice play to visit here especially for children they can learn about animals. Moving up next to French Village.. =D