Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mushroom Farm @ Genting Highlands

Next destination was the Mushroom Farm after Starbucks session. A bit out circuit and it's hidden behind the glitzy theme park and resorts of Genting Highlands.  Mushroom farm can be reached by following the signboards to Kuala Lumpur after the resort area. It's nestled behind the theme park, right before the road descends abruptly towards the Chin Swee Bypass and forks towards Amber Court Villa D'Genting Resort. The entrance can be seen left, right opposite a small park with weird statues depicting giant mushrooms, jug-shaped chariots and cartoonish dolphins.

Misty weather
Mushroom Park Entrance

Walking in to the mushroom park

Misty weather, it does not stop me from visiting it. Available free parking along the road side. Once in, I will see that the mushroom farm itself is a humble low-hanging shack held by wooden rafters and zinc awnings. Narrow alleyways lead to different warehouse sections that grow different fungi and mushroom species in Cannister-like tubes, stacked horizontally on shelves.

Here I am

humble low-hanging shack held by wooden rafters

Newly grown mushroom

Babies Mushrooms

Nearer view

It's cute xD

Cannister-like tubes

I love U, babies mushroom!!

Black fungus

I also can see a sizeable plot of land within the farm that's used for growing vegetables. After exiting the farming area, there's a shop that sells traditional Chinese snacks, herbs, tea, souvenirs, handicrafts and even fashion apparel. The farm's produce of fresh mushrooms and greens are sold outside the store in the open air. Finally, the seafood restaurant is worth a sumptous Chinese meal at relatively reasonable prices. An adjoining restaurant specialises in chicken rice dishes, a hawker stall favourite utilising fragrant rice & roasted chicken. The mushroom farm is open daily from morning till evening while the restaurants serve food till late night.

Farm that's used for growing vegetables #1

Farm that's used for growing vegetables #1

Mushroom Farm

Interesting place to visit, I'm happy to see real life mushroom with my own eyes. A little history of how actually mushroom grow recalling back to those days where I studied my science subject. Proceeding to Bukit Tinggi after this. Next post will be coming up, be right back xD

Mushroom Farm,
Genting Highlands,
69000 Pahang Darul Makmur