Friday, August 24, 2012

Durian Pan Cakes @ Mid Valley

Tagging along with sister into Mid Valley Mega Mall for Mega Sale, suddenly sister reminded me that this place there's a kiosk which is selling Durian Pan Cakes. Sister convincing me that the Durian Pan Cake thumbs up, must try. The opportunity is here why not make use of it?

The price of Durian Pan Cakes

At this kiosk within the lower ground floor at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur [near JJ], it's literally a shrine dedicated to the King of Fruit aka unique fruit with Durian smell. Caution!!! This post only for those Durian Lovers!! =P

Weighted same filing before cooking

Fold it down after placing Durian fillings

Sister was so tempted to try many things over here so I decided to buy a box of Pan Cakes . The pancakes looked good (1 piece for RM3.00, 2 pieces for RM5.50), hence I ordered straight away. Made on the spot when you place your order, they add frozen durian cream [weighted before cooking] within the just cooked pancake, fold it down and hand it to you to in packing box. Since Mid Valley is usually full of people, I had hard time in searching for a place to sit, the best is far away from people. You know Durian smell really stinks!! I believe you can even sense at 3 meters, LOL =P

Recommended to eat once it's cook to remain skin stay fresh

5 pieces [RM12.50]

Recommended to eat once it's cook to remain skin stay fresh and crunchy. Since I take-away, my the pan cake look like above picture. I shared with my family and everyone said thumbs up!! Definitely 100% pure Durian fillings as claimed by them. Delicious~ xD