Saturday, August 18, 2012

McD Chicken Fold Over

Nothing much special about this post, just that I would like to share out my favorite fast food. When I walked into McD first thing I'm looking for is the McD Chicken Fold Over. I have no idea why am I so addicted with it. This item face out quite some time ago, now it's back with great offer promotion which I believe everyone can afford to eat McD Chicken Fold Over. This festive season during Ramadan month, McD during a good deal promotion for this Chicken Fold Over BUY 1, GET1 FREE. Condition very simple as shown below:-

Ramadan promotion

I had a chance to eat this during whole Ramadan season. I don't feel bored to eat this. Compare with other McD burgers I feel Chicken Fold Over rather healthy because it's grilled instead of deep fry. Huge portion easily make me bloated.

Chicken Fold Over

Grilled Chicken delicious

My favorite McNuggets

McD food for dinner ^_^

Another food I love in McD was the McNuggets. I'm rather choosy in eating nuggets. I still prefer McNuggets products from Mac Food, where by I hear quite difficult to get it from hypermarket. Taste slightly different with market brands. I'm satisfy with McNuggets fried in golden color deep with BBQ Sauce or Sweet and Sour Sauce, definitely crunchy and tasty. How about you? What are your favorite food in McD? =)