Tuesday, August 14, 2012

French Dance @ Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

After rained, we move next door neighborhood to watch French Dance. One of the activities happening in Colmar Tropicale. There's a few slot in a day for the dances on every four hours.

It's free entrance, everyone are welcome to watch the performance. Performance started 7.30pm sharp, the whole places were full with audiences. I thought local will be performing dances, but looks like French peoples all the way from French to perform their traditional dances. I'm impressed the attires, dances and they did it perfectly. Duration will be 30min for this performances.

Sun set in the evening

I'm just at behind the performances

Full with audience

Started with first French Dance

Second French Dance

Third French Dance

Forth French Dance

Fifth French Dance

Fun Fair Games #1

Fun Fair Games #2

Fun Fair Games #3

Night scenery #1

Night scenery #2

Night scenery from the tower

I walked around for some light exercise after dinner. Saw a lot arcade games, snookers, fun fair games. Those need to buy with tokens. Each token cost RM2 and lots of children enjoying playing with it. Massage chairs available too. Love the night scenery over here, cold air, advise to get two layer clothes if you feel cold.Tired the whole day, time to get back to hotel and have some rest. Want to know where am I staying? Follow me on next post , see you there.. =D