Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lights Decoration @ Citta Mall

Photo hunting in Citta Mall looks great this year. The very first mall opening Quarter 4 2011 in Ara Damansara, Selangor. They're using night time lighting for X'Mas decoration this year. Can't resist myself in snapping photos for memories. Peaceful and quiet.. Let see below.. =)

Photo Deco #1

Photo Deco #2

Photo Deco #3

Photo Deco #4

Photo Deco #5

Photo Deco #6

Photo Deco #7

Photo Deco #8

Photo Deco #9

Photo Deco #10

Photo Deco #11

Photo Deco #12

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hungry Hog

Been boring, and no idea what to eat? I'm sure everyone will have this same problem including me, myself too. Once a while I will run through food blogger to search for yummy food. Came across this food article through bloggers. Most them giving a positive review on this shop. Photos looks delicious, tempted for me to try on it.

I been looking for this address, but I could not find the location.. Taking me quite some time to figure it, at last with help of friends..bought me here to the unfamiliar territory of SS15 Subang Jaya. Tada.. this shop it's called "The Hungry Hog". It's an online business was started by Yeong Yeng Yee an Engineer by profession. Graduated from UK,  he had an idea to start food business when he back to Malaysia. Slowly this business became famous and it has been featured in The Star online! Read here more details on The Hungry Hog

I'm attracted by name of the food that was written on the Menu. Creative and innovative. It's simple and basic straight to the main point of what you want to eat. Just read and everything it's on your finger tips, and you know what you want to order. Simple menu with burgers, the mains, sides, salad and desserts.

Everything here is about Pork!! U hear me? Pork, Pork & Pork =P It's small non-halal business offering delicious homemade food and custom catering services. I'm attracted by shop scenery as I walked inside. I like this place, Clean, modern and bright lighting. It's peaceful night especially after long hours of work. The most brilliant part of it all, is that they have managed to keep their prices low, and the food tasty. Friendly services offered by them too.

Some how bloggers been reviewing mostly on signature dishes, but I'm here today unique from others. I tried some of other menu in this shop which so far no one review it yet. Tried on this food i-pork burger. Pork burger with cinnamon applesauce and crunchy apple mayo. Sweetness of applesauce opening up flavor combine with the juicy pork meat together with Fun fried and salad dressing. Reasonable price at RM14.90.

Next was the Juicy Pork Chops. Served with honey mustard sauce, watercress & mashe mayo. Marinated with herbs and well cooked. Juicy and crunchy while chewing on the meat. Reasonable price at RM19.90

Drinks, honey lemon juice at RM5.90 and Coke RM4.90 to ease our thirst. Affordable price. If you're beer drinker, A small selection of beer is offered, perfect for partnering with pork especially for (Siew Yoke)

The signature dish will be 3 Little Pigs, yummy till max. I will be back for second time to try it on 3 Little Pigs, Bangers & Mash, Bacon Pasta, and Siew Yuk Rice and Bacon Ice-cream in the future. Wondering how's the Bacon Ice-cream taste? Stay tune in next episode for more updates.. Cheers xD

The Hungry Hog
Tel: 012 - 225 0877
Address: 71, Jalan SS15/4C, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening Hours: 12:00 - 2:30pm, 6:00 - 10:00pm
(closed on Mondays)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Waterland @ One Utama

Next pit stop on my Christmas photos hunting absolutely opening my eyes. Why? U better watch out! Better not cry! Winter Waterland is coming to you for this Christmas Season at One Utama Shopping Complex. =) Sea theme in Winter land just like Little Mermaid in fairy tales stories. It's a beautiful decoration, I believe team who designed this art work are definitely creative & innovative.

Seriously I don't know what is the meaning behind of Winter Waterland theme. Anything related to Winter time? Decoration is perfect but I don't have Christmas feel. I feel like myself swiming in deep sea. More like sea water event.......... swt -_-"
As usual can't resist for photos sessions =)

Top Deco #1

Top Deco #2

Top Deco #3

Top Deco #4

Top Deco #5

Top Deco #6

Fairy Clams #1

Seaweed #1

Seaweed #2

Fairy Clams #2

Photo of me #1

Fairy Clams #3

Winter Waterland Deco #1

Winter Waterland Deco #2

Winter Waterland Deco #3

Fairy Clams #4

Photo of me #2

Fairy Clams #5

Seaweed #3

Winter Waterland Deco #3

Winter Waterland Deco #4

Winter Waterland Deco #5

Top Deco #7

Top Deco #8