Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Globe @ Empire Gallery Shopping Mall

Been to Empire Gallery to see beautiful X'Mas decoration recently. What attracted me the most is the Snow Globe. Have your ever see the biggest snow globe?? Let me share with you the most biggest snow globe in the town.

Empire Gallery Shopping Mall X'Mas decoration

Musical Angels

Shops Decoration with Snow Globe

For me this is first time I ever see biggest snow globe. Can you image human can go into snow globe playing around with snow. Is this real? or my eyes got problem?? @_@ Let me go nearer to have a look. Of course, they do not have real snow, but it's rather fake snow floss customize for decoration purposes. Imagination go wild and I keep on thinking how actually human can inside and play around?

Biggest Snow Globe

Photo shooting of snow globe 

I keep on standing there to wait for miracles happen. After a while, I only realized there's a stair case behind that link to into snow globe. You need to pay entrance fees to enjoy the snow globe with certain amount of duration. More or less it's about 20min time. While enjoying I'm sure everyone want to snap photos for memories. Fred not, they provided photo shooting services and processing in fast speed together with photo album with certain amounts of fees required. Business hour in between 10am-10pm daily.

Setting up Snow Globe 

Children playing inside Snow Globe #1

Children playing inside Snow Globe #2

Once finished Snow Globe will be flatten

Photo shooting of me #1

Store decoration setting up

Pumpkin or lantern decoration

Photo shooting of me #2

Behind the scene shooting

Photo shooting with Emmie

Top decorations of Empire Gallery

Santa Claus with Rudolph

I recorded video of the happy family enjoying themselves while playing snow. It's fun, Once in a life time. Check this video out. Bear in my mind, video quality it's not very good. Phone recording, enjoy. Merry Christmas!! =)