Monday, February 27, 2012

Chu15 - Part I - Hoong Foong Dim Sum

Long long time did not been here for morning breakfast. How nice to have lovely Dim Sum in the morning right? The very last time been here with Nigel counting almost 2 years anniversary of  Hoong Foong Dim Sum. Knew he love this Dim Sum so much, this round he bugging me again back to this shop for Dim Sum. Invited guest this round was Emmie joining us together.

Hoong Foong Dim Sum located in USJ21 Subang Jaya, Selangor. 5 min drive from my house along the shop lots rows. Extended tables and chairs outside parking lots which given more fresh and cooling air while enjoying dim sum. Reached there almost 10am slightly fill with customers enjoying their meal.

Me & Nigel xD

Dim Sum #1

The Fried Prawn Roll was fried to crispy which was done the way, dipping with mayonnaise while eating. It's crunchy and not oily. The Chilli Chicken Feet was juicy, texture and meaty. One of the new Dim Sum first time trying was the Minced pork warped with bacon and steamed. Crunchy and chewy while eating, we given a nick name called Chinese style of pig in the blanket. This is one of my favorite that I would re-order again. Ladies fingers dumpling, fishballs were yummy too~ Nom Nom.. xD

Dim Sum #2

Varieties of Dim Sum were available here. Big and fresh definitely melts your heart. So tempting, saliva dropping already and hungry. You can see it's filling with ingredients and big shrimps inside.The Ha Kau (prawn dumpling) was good, prawn filling was very fresh and have a great texture. The Sui Mai (pork shrimp) was gorgeous, the meat was juicy and delicious.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

The Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun was really good, fresh, soft and tender. We also discovered, there were hidden shrimps in it to balance the aroma of this dish. Even though it's not my type, but I can tell you it's delicious worth to try it. =)

 Pork & Century Eggs Porridge

Emmie love this Pork & Century Eggs Porridge here. Every visit here she will not be forgetting her porridge. It was robust with decent amounts of pork and eggs. Served steaming hot, it gave a warm respite to our growling stomachs. Tasty, love the century eggs.

Emmie & Nigel

We had our lovely Kuk Poh tea in a teapots. Free flow refill until you full. You can even bring your own Chinese tea to this shop while enjoying your fresh brew tea. After all they only charge you for the water.

Finished our food

Lastly, we walloped all the food on the table because it's delicious. Full and satisfied, worth for the money. Bill together is RM52, average a person cost RM18. Locations and details of this shop will be posted below.

Hoong Foong Dim Sum
No 77 & 79, Jalan USJ 21/10
Pusat Perniagaan USJ 21
47630 Subang Jaya

Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday (7am -2.30pm)
(including Public Holiday)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chu14 - Part III - The FGS Dong Zen Temple

Rain started as we're looking for parking

In the evening we [Nigel & I] joining Emmie & BF to FGS Dong Zen Temple Lantern and Floral Festival 2012. The FGS Dong Zen Temple (FGS stands for Fo Guang Shan) is a large Buddhist religious, cultural and educational complex in the small town of Jenjarom in the Kuala Langat district of Selangor state. It's about 45min drive from Subang Jaya by using KESAS highway RM2.20 one way or you also use Federal Highway RM1.10 toll 1 way toward Klang directions estimate about an hour there.

Jam and packed with large crowd

Once you’re on the right direction, you should see some directions to the temple on some street lamps. The temple is really big as it is built on a really large land and from what I see, parking lots will be sufficient as well as they have their own private car park for the visitors. We arrived about 7.30pm in the evening, quite disappointing unwelcome weather, heavy rain which we're forced to carry umbrella around with us.

Main Outdoor park

Monk decorations #1

Monk decorations #2

I'm amazed by the light decoration in the evening. most remarkable lantern and floral festival, this year is dragon year, theme decorated based on dragon, absolutely attracted by lighting decorations. Raining never stop these peoples from visiting. Most of them with umbrellas and rain coats walking towards this dragons decorations.

Dragon lighting decorations #1

Wishing Tree

Dragon ponds with water lilies

Dragon lighting decorations #2

Heavy rained can't move further

Rain was too heavy until we're unable to proceed with outdoor activities. Despite we're running in to the indoor houses for sheltering until rain stop. Phew~ next stop was the "The Calligraphy of Goh Ah-Ang". There're a big piece of calligraphy paper for those who want to challenge or practicing the art of calligraphy are welcoming the most. It's FOC and who ever also can write as long as there's slots for yourself.

 "The Calligraphy of Goh Ah-Ang"

Photo shooting =P

A big piece of Calligraphy Paper

Visitors looking at the art of Calligraphy

Large crowd here too

We moved to the another shelter where by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha statue was there for those Buddhists who want to have a prayers there. Lot's lilies candles were offered for good wishes. There's also prayers and Chinese reading poems were available there.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha statue 

 Lilies candles were offered for good wishes

Visitors prayed and Chinese reading poems

Lot's of people here 

The prayers hall is big and it looks nice due to the simplicity of it. The prayers hall is even air-conditioned and I don’t think there are many other temples that would install air-conditioners in their prayers hall. Perhaps this temple thought of the comfort of their visitors too? Well taken care of, those who want to visit inside must wear plastic covers for slippers in order to avoid dirty inside. Plastics cover is available at the entrance for your convenient.

The prayers hall is even air-conditioned

Large crowd were inside

After rain stopped, we moved  outside building for photo shooting. I'm amazed by the red lanterns hanging around the roof top of the building. Quite romantic just after a shower of rain. Can't resist myself in snapping photos for my blogs =D

 Red lanterns hanging around the roof top of the building #1

Red lanterns hanging around the roof top of the building #2

Red lanterns everywhere #1

Photo shooting =P

Red lanterns everywhere #2

Red lanterns everywhere #3

Good wisdom

Education Centre

Suddenly we're hear of loud noise from next door neighborhood and wondering what was that. Walked over to the main stage, only saw a large group of Chinese Lion Dance associations were in the middle of performing Lion Dance. Wish to go nearer for photo shooting, but it's too crowded to fit inside, so only able to take picture from far behind the stage. I love the Golden Lion, beautiful yellowish plus the stage lighting in the late evening.

Lion Dance #1

Lion Dance #2

Lion Dance #3

After lion dance, we move out and by pass this door. From far you see it's sparkling, I'm thinking why was the door it's so attractive until lot's of people stop by for photo shootings. Walked nearer, only realized that this door it's made from thousands of recycled mineral water bottles, adding on with the light deco which actually created sparkling light from far. Blink blink hahahaha.. What a creative idea they have. It's a wise choice to use recycled items.

Sparkling door #1

Sparkling door #2

Recycled mineral bottles #1

Recycled mineral bottles #2

Recycled mineral bottles #3

This area is so huge, we moved to dragon lake lighting decorations. I'm attracted by the dragons boats plus the water lilies around which created a special meaning of good sign fortune for the lake. It's clean without any single rubbish inside. Another picture for myself.. hehehehehe xD

 Dragon lake lighting decorations #1

Dragon lake lighting decorations #2

Dragon lake lighting decorations #3

Dragon lake lighting decorations #3

Lastly, we walked to out door parked for varieties of lighting decorations. I'm a bit unhappy with the outdoor park, because after rained the floor was wet with mud. Shoes were wet and legs were dirty and itchy. But it's lucky after rain weather it's cooling to wash away heats. There's always pros and con which you can never predict when will be rain. -_-"

Door out via Main Entrance

Lighting decoration outdoor park #1

Lighting decoration outdoor park #2

Lighting decoration outdoor park #3

Lighting decoration outdoor park #4

Lighting decoration outdoor park #5

Lighting decoration outdoor park #6

Lighting decoration outdoor park #7

Lighting decoration outdoor park #8

Lighting decoration outdoor park #9

Lighting decoration outdoor park #10

Lighting decoration outdoor park #11

Lighting decoration outdoor park #12

Lighting decoration outdoor park #13

Lighting decoration outdoor park #14

Tired and exhausted >.<

After a few hours of walked, I gave up in walking. Legs were paining with heels plus thirsty and wet in the rain. Need to rush home to clean myself. >.<  In summary, this place it's a good place to visit. It's only available once a year during CNY. So, don't miss a chance to visit this event. FREE entrance for all. I had pleasant evening, no doubts wetting in the rain, dirty and tired, thus it's worth to visit here. =D

FGS Dong Zen Temple
PT2297, Jalan Sg. Buaya,
42600 Jenjarom, Kuala Langat,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 603-31911533 / 31914304
Fax : 603-31911467