Friday, July 20, 2012

myBurgerLab @ SeaPark, PJ

I came across this restaurant from a friend of mine, who actually half way surfing facebook, he saw this newly opening myBurgerLab during a couple months ago. Suspicious with this restaurant but from it own name myBurgerLab basically is fast food restaurant.

Who are they? Three guys on a simple mission: "A simple decent juicy burger. It is just that simple" myBurgerLab is newly open in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya which actually very near to Nasi Lemak Maybank there.

Main Entrance

As I entered the restaurant, I can smell food from the main door, nevertheless, the food makes my stomach beating drums. Burgers only available in this shop, not just a normal burger but ordinary home made breads with bamboo charcoal and original white fluffy breads. Have you see before bamboo charcoal breads?

This is my first time here to experience bamboo charcoal breads. Ideally it's easy for the ordering process. Just like fast food chain outlets, you need to queue up to buy the burgers, get your seats, waited patiently for them to serve you.

myBurgerLab Menu

Shop full and crowded with peoples especially youngsters like students enjoying dining here. Varieties sets of burgers available for your selections with different prices. The burger itself it's more than enough for you, but recommended you to take set, all you need to do just add additional RM5 to enjoy a bottomless drink and fun fries. Additional add-on available on side dishes which written clearly on the menu board.

Queue up for ordering

It's take me 30min to get my burgers, because it's crowded with people due to those early birds coming to try on this new shop. I ordered Chicken burgers that is A+ [RM15] with sharp cheddar, caramalised onions, shiitake & Enokie Mushrooms. Yeah, my burgers came with bamboo charcoal breads, I use my finger to poke bamboo charcoal breads, indeed fresh and fluffy and the aroma of grilled chicken smell good, once I give a bite on it, speechless of word, all I can it's DELICIOUS, can't stop it giving a few more bites on it.

Chicken burgers that is A+ set [RM20.00] 

Fresh grilled chicken meats

More fillings

Next, was the Smoked Sloppy Joe set with beef patty, grilled given roasted fragrant on it. The burger set using white fluffy breads, goes with mustard's sauce definitely yummy yummy taste. Eat together with fun  fries. My friend claimed that fun fries was crispy and crunchy, dipping into secret sauce that would be a memorable dish compare with burgers. The Style of wrapping of the burger makes it easy when you bite it, as you don't need to get your hands dirty when you're enjoying your meal.

Smoked Sloppy Joe set [RM18.00]

Fresh burgers xD

Memorable moments

I can't see there's pork burger at the moment, which means at the moments are PORK FREE but according to face book fan page, their website they're trying to apply for NON-HALAL certificate. I love to dine her especially fresh everything here and also worth for the money value. Recommended to try here, tasted good.

14, Jalan 21/22,
Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.
Business Hours
Tue - Sun: 17:00-23:00