Monday, April 21, 2014

Standing Theory @ Ss2 PJ

Over the weekend, I been invited by my girlfriend for coffee outing. We often have the same topic of Coffee, and she is a coffee lover, always been looking for varieties of coffee throughout Klang Valley. I suggested why not we head over to Standing Theory in SS2, posted by Wayne Thong.

My girlfriend noted in fast response. I started to search for full address, and uuhhoo.. arrgghhh.. When I looked at the Waze GPS, I'm totally shocked with the location, heh.. how come it's not in Ss2 town?? It's been taking longer time to search, immediately I programmed direction based on the address given. Finally I reached the destination. My girlfriend puzzled and commented "ARrggghhh.. very deep inside housing area." It's located in the obscure area of SS2, nobody knows unless SS2 residents.

We moved into the cafe, as soon as rain stop. My girlfriend attracted on the main entrance, she can't resist in snapping photo. Been focusing on the photography, I move in to check what's happening inside. There's two area outside is for smoking area, and inside it's for non smoking are filled with air conditioner.

A cafe with minimal decoration compared to the rest. Filled with solid wooden tables and colorful steel chair, plumbing stools and long bulbs pendant lights. Well these days cafe like to use long light? More contemporary concept?

We both welcomed by coffee barista that the table counter. I been busying look at coffee menu board, getting me some time to figure out what is available for the night. Looking the menu with words description, I'm sort of pissed off a bit, menu it'self without photo, I know I have bad imagination, I can't really figure out what I want. Sometimes options based on the photo, well I have to search on the foursquare to check on the comments which are mostly recommended. Photo makes different in your appetite of the day. Too bad, I'm looking for V.D Roll so called "highly recommended" but it's not available during dinner time. I being forced to choose on the menu for dinner categories, which is very less choice. Sighs!!

Been patiently waiting for food, hungry especially after raining season. My girlfriend opted for hot Cappuccino. Beautifully coffee art foam on top of the coffee change my mood. Girlfriend commented Cappuccino it's not thick enough, overall but still ok to drink. I'm guessing perhaps different coffee beans or the different shots in coffee does makes the different?

Cappuccino [RM10.00]

Girlfriend also opted Red Velvet cake for the night. I'm shocked with size portion, which I couldn't find it anywhere. She commented not bad overall, moist and fluffy. I kinda like the top layer, cheese cream, tender and creamy.

Red Velvet Cake [RM11.00]

I had hot Mocha with beautiful coffee art. I amazed with the art, Thank You. I told my girlfriend Mocha isn't sweet at all. I wonder why?? She told me some of the Mocha it's not sweet, not every mocha filled with sweet taste. I sort of disappointing again. Why? I thought Mocha suppose to be sweet with cocoa syrup?? I couldn't taste cocoa at all.

Cafe Mocha [RM11.00]

Coffee and cakes

My dinner is ready with Apple, Walnut & Tomato Linguine. Size portion equivalent with the price. I love capture picture before food. Filing with ingredients, Green Apple Salsa, Walnut, Tomato, Cream cheese, Sofrito, Smoked Bacon Bits. Crunchy with walnuts, sort of like eating salads. Those who like Linguine recommended to try this.

Apple, Walnut & Tomato Linguine [RM18.00]

There's also Fat Baby ice-cream available for desserts. We both enjoying the scenery during the night. It's fun with photo shooting, while enjoying with coffee. Overall it's ok, a cozy cafe, suitable for reading & chilling during weekend, I agreed good services from barista. Wifi available too if you're looking for a place to work, I recommended this is suitable place to be. I will be back to try out some of other food that is available during lunch hour.

Standing Theory
6, Jalan SS2 / 103.
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday 11am-11pm
Closed on Monday
Phone +60129716425 & +60162124421

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yuen Garden Dim Sum @ Bandar Puchong Jaya, PJ

Photo source from Malaysian Flavours

Craving for Dim Sum lately, being invited by closed friends early in the morning for Dim Sum. It's not the first time I dine in into Yuen Garden Dim Sum Restaurant, some how I can't remember why I did not blog about it. This place was firstly introduced by my very long lost friend Ms.A, good memories always keep on flashing in my head clearly, when ever I visit here again.

Today I'm back after many years, I'm still wondering if the food here still good as last time. Well, from my point of view, services are getting better, instead of rushing in to reserve table, now you need to queue for a table. There's stand board with message "Please wait to be seated". Note: To avoid large crowd during the weekend, please do come early instead.

Har Gow (Prawn Dumplings)

Siu Mai (Pork Dumplings)

I can't miss my favorite classical Dim Sum, Har Gow (Prawn Dumplings) and Siu Mai (Pork Dumplings). Prawn dumplings here are fresh, juicy. They're generous with the amount of meats that you can be eaten in one bite. Siu Mai also known as "Pork Dumplings". They're made from minced pork meat at decent size, garnish with fish roe on top. It's good to go with Kampung Koh garlic chilies sauce.
Supreme Steamed Prawn with soup

Yam with Baby Octopus

There's also fried Dim Sum over here, Salad Prawn Dumplings, one of my favorite too. Generous amount of fresh prawns inside, crispy on the outside. Must go with mayonnaise together, Arrgghh crunchy and sinfully in my mouth! Fried carrot not too oily, not over fried and yam puff is made from Char Siew ingredients. I couldn't describe more...

Salad Prawns with Mayonnaise

Loh Bak Kou [Fried carrod]

Wu Kok, crispy [Yam Puff]

Chinese Tea

Of many Dim Sum Restaurant in Klang Valley, I find Yuen Garden Dim Sum is the best in my heart. All are equally good, I think they deserve a good name. I'm afraid to see the bill at first, but then the total amount, divided among how many people eating is rather cheap when you are order a lot. Average a plate of Dim Sum in between RM3 to RM5. Recommended to come in a large group, first is the bonding between close friends plus you can try varieties type of Dim Sum (steam, fried, grilled etc) available here. We end our session with story telling and also at the same time brewing with large amount of refillable hot water from Chinese tea. Thank you to my friends, hope come back here again. Happy weekend.

No.1 Jalan Kenari 18
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong02-01, Jalan Kenari 18,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Garage 51 @ Bandar Sunway, PJ

Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya

I'm the mood of blogging today... I'm anxious and excited to invite my close friend for brunch before we attend seminar in Sunway Resort Hotel last weekend. She is a fan of coffee, straight away my mind thinking of Garage 51 which is the nearest cafe for food.

Weekend crowd

Garage 51 is familiar and popular among the youngster especially Sunway University students. Located behind Sunway University campus across the street, nested in the middle corner lot car wokshop. Garage 51 is second outlet opened by Coffee Societies. For those who visited Coffee Societies before, I'm you will definitely like Garage 51 too.

Good hang out place

Hot weather freaking me out badly, as soon as I step into Garage 51, immediately my mood change. The atmosphere is cooling with air-con, cozy, western style, suitable for hang out or any occasion. Coffee welcoming me, with strong coffee beans scent. What annoyed me was, the cafe crowded with students, and you will never a peace of mind while having food. Not recommend to visit on weekend, personally I prefer weekdays which is lesser people.

Interior well design and well decorated, Garage 51 specialize in F&B, breakfast, brunch, dinner and coffee. I had Nutella Latte, signature coffee only available in Garage 51. A sip on the Nutella Latte, I find it's awesome, sweetness of Nutella enough to cover my taste bud. If you're fan of Nutella, you should try it!

Nutella Latte [RM10.00]

Stomach drooling, I can't wait to enjoy my brunch. Awesome Garage Breakfast served with diced mushroom, homemade hash potatoes, smoked cured salmon, free range poached egg with hollandaise. Complete meal, for full energy of the day

Awesome Garage Breakfast [RM19.00]

My friend opted for Today's Brunch Special. Bagel with baked macaroni, smoked chicken, garage hash brown potato, poached egg and hollandaise. Decent taste, yummy. xD

Today's Brunch Special [RM22.00]

Cappuccino served with beautiful coffee art, tempted me to try and long back roast it's good to keep you awake. Varieties types of coffee and tea available too in Garage 51. Red velvet cake it's our dessert option for the day.

Cappuccino [RM10.00]

Long black [RM7.90]

Red Velvet [RM12.90]

We have light chit-chatting together while sipping hot coffee. Services here it's not bad with FREE WIFI coverage. Personally I still prefer Coffee Societies in Publika Kuala Lumpur than Garage 51.

Garage 51 by Coffee Société
No. 51, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Selangor
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 11am-11pm

Monday, April 07, 2014

Awesome Canteen @ Taman Paramount, PJ

Through out social media, this place was first introduced by Happy Hour OneFm DJ's attracted me that much to try it out myself. I visited this place during non peak season, Awesome Canteen located at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. Strategic located, convenience to reach here with public transport, 5 minutes walk from Taman Paramount (KJ22) LRT station or MyRapid Bus No.U85 stops on along the streets.
Lighting Vintage decoration

Beverage launch

Awesome Canteen, much towards modern vintage style concept which inspired by western inspiration. As soon as I walked in, I'm well greeted by friendly crew. It's more like a cozy and comfort home decorated with a lot olden home decoration.

Without delaying, crew served me with a vintage menu book for ordering process. Crew told me it's a self service ordering process, order at the counter and pay. Food will be serve to you shortly. Automatic my mind change "Eh, how come self service in this beautiful restaurant? More like a fast food concept?" I'm sort of unpleasant with self service idea, my concern is what if during peak hours, if you're dining alone, how are you going to reserve table for yourself when you're ordering at the counter?

Classical lighting table and chairs

Green plant, Eco green scenery

Quenching throat with blackcurrant and sprite during hot weather. It's not an ordinary drink but served with mint leaves and lemon slice, combination of sparkling sourly and refreshing blend., opening appetite with word "ARrrrghhh... cool" =D

Current Sprite [RM5.90]

First dish was the Sambal Chicken Burger with ikan bilis(anchovies). First timer, hear of this burger. Sound familiar to local Malay cuisine nasi lemak (coconut rice), don't you agree? hahaha.. Chicken patty with home made sambal deep fried anchovies together with melted cheese at decent taste. I love the poppy seed buns, fluffy and moist well combined colors between poppy seed and bun.

There's choice of beef patty, if you're beef lover. I strongly believe beef patty are better than chicken patty. Price for beef would be extra RM2 compared to Sambal Chicken Burger. Beware of the thick and juicy spicy Sambal that will blow your mind away.

Sambal Chicken Burger with ikan bilis(anchovies) [RM16.90]

Sambal Chicken Burger with ikan bilis(anchovies) set with fries and coleslaw

Next was the Paleo Chicken Burger. Paleo means care for your diet in food. There will be NO bun for this burger. Instead of bun, the founder Diane Ong, replace with grilled Portobello Mushroom. Having such a big grilled Portobello Mushroom in my life, I couldn't ask for more. Paleo Chicken Burger served with grilled portobello mushroom, scrambled eggs, melted swiss cheese, guacamole salsa definitely suitable for those small eaters. Choice of beef patty available as well.

Paleo Chicken Burger [RM18.90]

Healthy diet always

I ended the day with my so called dessert, with a cup of hot Mocha. Size about 8OZ. I remember crew remake coffee for me because the it's not enough of coffee foam. I'm happy, to note down a beautiful photo with lovely behind background behind. Absolutely a coffee time when you need a break.

Hot Mocha [RM8.90]

Beautiful coffee art

Main selling point of Awesome Canteen is background behind green scenery. Decorated with old vintage decorate like TV, fan, type writer etc. Awesome Canteen opened by a bunch of creative director and graphic designers, founder would be Diane Ong warmly welcoming visitors with an open heart.

Collectible old furniture

Modern old vintage concept

I'm quite enjoying myself here and satisfy with their services. FREE wifi usage available during your visit. It's a good hang out place with friends, plus Awesome Canteen Many celebrated many remarkable occasion such as birthday, full moon and wedding photography.

Awesome Canteen
19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hours
Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 23:00
Sun: 11:00 - 22:00