Sunday, June 06, 2010

Freebies - Contact Lenses

I got something on the door right after I'm taking nap.. Mom gave me an envelope written my name. Both of us very curious what is all about the envelope. As usual the me, before opening I grabbed my phone cam snap picture of it. Let's see what I have...

Ok, here you are.. I got free contact lenses from Ciba Vision. Wow, I never taught of getting free contact lenses in my life. You know phrase of "there is nothing free in this world". It's a little surprise for me. I never have a chance to wear contact lenses coz my eye power seriously high. =X

In the envelope there is 30% coupon discount coupon. Happy?? I like this girl for ambassador for this contact lenses. She is beautiful,don't you think so??

Ok, I got power of -8.00 for both eyes (left n right), yah my power seriously high enough though. 10-12 hours facing computer that makes my eyes sicking.. Ok, I trying to cut down on computer these days though..

See contact lense it's cute, purple color.. I think will make eyes getting bigger. Let me try it out before I show you again in next profile! I hope i look good on it. I think time to learn to wear contact lenses!