Friday, June 11, 2010

9.88 Ford Escape Rangers

I came across this when i walked to SS2 chao yang pasar malam late evening yesterday. I so attracted with the voice from far. Jsut dropped by to have a look what is going on. Wow, I met 9.88FM Ford Escape Rangers, another Chinese radio station in Malaysia. The very last time I met them, that is FlyFM Ford escape rangers its during college time, 5 years back.. I still have photos with me.. I show u later =P

What's more?? Of course, they're giving out freebies!! DJ is hilarious funny.. to win freebies, you ned to answer question related to radio station. I keep on laughing non-stop, see participant doing funny actions in order to win freebies!!

They giving out Jaychou album, which require to sing ang of Jaycho's song.. Too bad I dont even know how to sing Jay's song... mumbling can lo.. but not singing T_T I get myself a car stick and gardenia butter bread.. not bad ... hehehe.

9.88 Ford Escape Rangers

Lots of freebies inside car @@

I want that load of bread badly T_T

Aiyo, turn here I want take picture =.="

I get myself a car stick n gardenia butter bread =P