Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yum Cha - SS2

Right after dinner, we have second round of activities. Quite sometime I have lost contact with Li, i know she have a busy working life. This is the time, we can talk more and updating each other. 

Lil introduced me this newly open cafe [forget shop name], which more like bakery shop.. This shop similar to secret recipe/coffee bean/Starbucks concept, fully furnish with IKEA furniture. I love the environment where by you can enjoy yourself watching world cup. Mostly KL ppl love to come out for a cup of tea at night, I missed night life once I started working. I love it till max.
Mango blended

Hot chocolate latte

Butterfly honey decoration

Peach cake

Enjoying  =P

My mouth is getting ichy, I feel like eating I ordered a piece of peach cake. From surface it's looks nice when i tasted, I find so so only. Why? bottom layer of cake it's very dry, not enough moisture. Drink are ok for me.. =D

Lil, just love mango blended.. which is her favorite all the while  =D Thanks for everything.. I hope will have more yum cha session in future. Looking forward to meet u more often.