Sunday, June 13, 2010

Duan Wu Jie (Rice Dumpling Festival)

Dumpling festival is right around the corner. I'm sure everyone in Chinese tradition will celebrate it during the summer season. The history and legend behind we yet to know and myself also not very clear about it.. pai seh =P To cut short stories, I have a link so that you refer to legend of historical of Duan Wu Jie (Rice Dumpling Festival).

This is one of my favorite food. Hokkien people used to called this as "bak chang". Dumpling it's made from rice (nasi pulut) wrapped in bamboo leave. There many types of dumpling in the market. I prefer salty dumpling =P

See it wrapped in triangle shape, and  it's huge.. I can only take 1 which make my tummy bloated @.@ I like goes with Kampung Koh garlic chili that make my taste till max!!  =D

Inside you have three layer of pork meat (fatty meat), mushroom, water chest nut, and some bake beans. Sighs, weird this dumpling don't have SALTY EGGS!!! That my favorite...salty eggs.. =X Over it's ok not bad the taste.. I don't complaint much coz I only know how to eat... =D It's cost about RM3 each. Do you think it's exp? =D