Thursday, June 03, 2010

F&N Magnolia - Milk

Hey Mommy Ling, I know you phobia with milk. After reading your Good Morning! Good Night!. I have the same feeling with you as well. I don't really like milk taste. After a few attempt drinking different milk flavor, I found this milk with oats which is something different in this brands. Normally I buy fresh milk like mommy ling said just open the cap and pour it out drink. Simple DIY save time, served in chilled temperature. Mormally I bring 2 packages of milk to office just enough for me to survive in a week. I don't like powder milk taste so sucks!! If compare with other brands sucks as HL Milk & Dutch Lady.. this F&N Magnolia it's little expensive 1 package is RM5.49. Oat milk it's good for tummy and taste just nice.. Erm, I have difficult to get this oat milk I dont know why.. maybe it's only available in selected hypermarket. Too bad, I have to force myself to drink it!

This is my favorite oat milk!!

Hi-Calcium Low Fat Milk