Friday, June 18, 2010

The Chicken Rice Shop Annviersary

This morning.. on the way driving to work, I listened to promotion advertisement on The Chicken Rice Shop Anniversary. They're giving out Free Of Charge (FOC) lunch box to all loyalty customers in every branched through out the whole Malaysia.

While lunch time, I saw a big crowded of people hooking at chicken rice shop downstairs my office. As i walked a long shop lots rows,  I'm recalling back my memory early this morning.. They given me a box of chicken rice set lunch, that makes me save my money for today lunch!! =D

I can feel it's hot from the oven and smells good too. Gee... FOC lunch, sounds cool? =D See inside the box it's well packed nicely. You have black soy sauce & chilies. Lot's of chicken meat garnish with daun bawang.. It's finger licking good =D Saliva dropping.. that make taste till max =P. Normally the price would be RM7.90 for this particular lunch, I got it free.. so enjoying!! Thanks to The Chicken Rice Shop.. Happy Anniversary too!! =D