Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Teo Chew Porridge - Aman Suria

Another option of my favorite food is porridge. I like to eat porridge with side dishes. A good bowl of porridge very much depend on side dishes. Teo Chew peoples like to eat porridge, as it's very famous in chinese culture.

Normally mom will boil plain porridge,but I found something inside, orange sweet potatoes in my bowl of porridge. I can smell sweet potatoes, must be good. Next is, I choose minced chicken meat, salty vegetables, marinated steam pork ribs, mixed vegetables with lotus roots. Good taste,  recommended to eat!! =P That comes around RM20 for 2 person.

orange sweet potatoes porridge

Minced Chicken Meat

Marinated salty vegetables

Sweet Radish vegetables

marinated steam pork ribs

mixed vegetables with lotus roots