Monday, May 31, 2010

Honey Tea - UNIF

Sorry blogger, I'm sure u waiting long time for my news.. Here's something I wanna share with you all. Reading back cleffairy's blog last month regarding her favorite of drinking tea.. I might want to suggest this brand of tea. I came across SHELL petrol kiosk station, when ever I stop to pump petrol. I feel so thirsty during hot weather, I slipped into fridge to look for drink, ah that it's my honey tea.. Juicy with honey.. melting my mouth and ease my thirsty. It's cheap RM2.30 per bottle.. But I guess you can get it cheaper in hypermarket. So far it's only available in SHELL petrol kiosk station, but not other I'm not very sure about it. Tea drinkers, try it now yourself! =P