Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meiji Hello Panda biscuits

Assorted flavors Meiji Hello Panda biscuits

 I used to remember that this maple girl DollyPink always inspire me with her lovely Daisho biscuits. She shared lots in her blog that she liked Japanese confectionery biscuits.She inspire me a lot so I wanted to get this biscuits long time ago, but price slightly expensive in Japanese department store. I can't blame them because this biscuits are imported from Japan.

Why? This is my own experience because I used to work in Daisho Sdn. Bhd. in a few years back. They are the main distributor in Malaysia for Japanese confectionery. I used to packed all this biscuits with my own and load into trucks for distribution. Sadly, I don't even have a chance tasting a single biscuit nor samples out there. I just wondering how good is this biscuits, coz the packing it's attracting me. Yah, some ppl might said I'am a kid, who cares as long as the bissuits is good.. why not?

Since, I have little money in hand..I just get this biscuits with 3 flavors. I miss out 1 because I can't get the chocolate biscuit with chocolate flavors.Tempting, Once you put the biscuits into your mouth, I can feel is it's creamy with either with strawberries, chocolate or milk flavor. You can eat as like snack or you can even dip into milk as corn flake. Why do i like this? Because surface of this biscuit it's quite hard when I dip into milk, it wont easy melt into my drink. I can feel crunchy every single bite.. I just love this biscuits!! Yummy..

Strawberry Flavor

Milk Flavor

Chocolate Flavor