Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I dont have time to update my blog lately, now going to catch up with my blog. Ok.. the month of May, remind of Mother's Day. I been hearing in da radio, what did u want to say to your mom?? Arrr.... a bit headache hor...? I believe everyone have the same with me. My planned work out for the day, coz I spend whole sat accompany my mom for grocery, then later at night I bring her out for her favorite sushi king. She started to like sushi lately, because she is member of sushi king, so just flash your sushi king card u entitle to have discounts for it! hehehehe.... we headed to Sushi King in Summit USJ for lovely Mother's Day dinner.. we have fun for that! Wishing all mommies in the world "Happy Mother's Day" and to my lovely mom thank you for bringing to this lovely world, and I love you!

Sushi on rolling board

Two handsome chefs!

I can't eat raw sushi without this!

Caution: Hot in da nose!

My favourite green Tea!

Smoked Salmon

Philadelphia Maki
Crabstick, cucumber, omelette & cheese

Golden Ball
Shredded crab stick & mayonnaise

Chuka Kurage
Seasoned Jellyfish

Chuka Iidako
Seasoned baby octopus

Salmon Nishoku
Salmon Slice, fish roe, mayonnaise

Crepe Kani Salad
Shredded crab stick, fish roe & salad
wrapped in brown rice crepe

Tori Miso Yaki Don
Steamed Rice sewed with pan fried chicken
and vegetable with soy sauce

Oyako Don
Steamed rice served with chicken, 
eggs, Japanese Radish

Tori Teriyaki Soba/Udon
Japenese noodles with terayaki
chicken and spring onions

Bento set
rice, chawa mushi, miso soup, salad

Mom, sis, bro

sis bf, sis, me =P

Mother's Day Special

Ahem, me =P