Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leaking, my car

Hiya, lately I have problem with my air con.. I tot it was weather not cold but then half way to PD last month, totally break out, I felt blower running instead of cold air. It's freaking hot without air con noon time sharp at 12pm, I decided dropped by mechanic shop.

Mechanic told me it's out gas, that makes car not cold at all. Ok this time, I refilled gas, and i keep on running until 2 weeks, I felt uneasy, sometime cold n sometime not.. maybe because of weather cold n hot.. So i just leave it until I find out solution to get this matter solve.

U know myself it's banana in engineering, as u know "girls" hardly care about car. Yah, I do take care my car well, wash n vacum, but internal part, i'm totally blur.. as myself familiar in IT field but not car engineering. I take out my effort, i ask around and do some research on it. As a consumer i SHOULD have basic info so that I wont be cheated by scammer.

Next day, I send my car to mechanic shop, let the experts to their work. Just a minor repairing work, as pipe is leaking just change pipe which is original cause a little bit more for longer lasting. Gas is refilled in order to complete entire process. At the end of the day, I feel satisfied and I learn something new in my life. Thank to him , I'm learning to be independent every single moment. That come to my mind always...

The experts do the work

Gas is empty, according to him.