Monday, May 17, 2010

Sports Toto

As I was telling my friend last week, that I need some money to buy my personal stuffs last week, I told her "Wait la.. wait money drop sky", my friend said "then u man man wait.." Deep inside my heart, I proof it to everyone cause I got this yesterday night. I'm boosting nor want to show off, but before I got it.. I have put lots of efforts into it. Nothing it's easy, but I believe hard work will pay off. Sorry, I'm NOT a GAMBLER but once in a full moon I just play it for fun.

I strikes it last year on Magnum, but this year I strike on Toto. It's a good beginning after all...Thanks to LuckyStar the person behind who give me 100% blessing on, not forgetting thanks to God, when ever I need help, he is there for me. Thank you!!