Sunday, April 17, 2011


Another nice dessert wanna share out with your all. I'm sure everyone hear of this famous dessert shop called Myhoneymoon. Some said this not it's very nice, so I decided to check it out myself, because I'm crazy craving for nice a bowl of dessert. So yesterday night I been to myhoneymoon in IOI BOULEVARD, PUCHONG after dinner and shopping. =)

I have problem in finding IOI BOULEVARD, because Puchong well developed. Quick sometime never visit Puchong. Changes a lot, I took some time to get into this shop. I taught it was hopeless but I never give up, continuing finding until I found this place!! I'm happy, my face shines!! As I walked into shop, lot's of people enjoying dessert. I love the environment and it's happening.

Menu well designed with lot's of varieties type of dessert at affordable price range. Mascot logo of myhoneymoon it's cute, just like a love shape!! I have no idea what to choose, because all the desserts look good and delicious!! =D I love fruits, and decided to go for Assorted Fruits Icy Swallow dessert. Weather hot in Malaysia it's suitable for a cold desserts too.

A lot fruits inside, watermelon, kiwi, mango, etc.. Mango gravy sauce is fresh goes well with milk it's perfect combination. This shop use sago as their main ingredients in dessert compare to others. You see inside floating lot's of sago. Scooping into your mouth, chew it.. hehehehe xD

Sis, ordered Chocolate Vanila Milk Shake with a scoop of ice-cream. Yummy, delicious!! It's chilling place to hang out for nice dessert!! Myhoneymoon can be find in another selected branches near your house or any shopping complex which is listed in their franchise business concept. Is a good place for relax. Wifi provided too if you want to surf net. =D

More Info check it out here Myhoneymoon Official Webpage

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥

Another up coming dessert stories I would like to share here. I been to Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥 last Friday evening right after work. This is my second time visiting this dessert shop at SS15 Subang Jaya opposite Asia Cafe. The main branch is located in SS2, that I been before somewhere last year 2010. As I walked in, relatively quiet weekdays, perhaps is still early for dessert time. Atmosphere cooling and relaxing with soft music.

This shop is well known Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥
(as Tian Pin Ge Ge or Dessert's Brother)

Menu Book

Menu well designed, photo of every dessert is really tempting. a lot of varieties to choose. All desserts are nice, I don't know which is good. Since I love fruits I decided to go on with some fruits, good for digestion right after dinner. I ordered Fresh Fruit with Noodles. I found out something special that is they use noodles for this dessert. It's not like normal noodles we eat, but it's made from jelly with spring. Once you bite you can feel the spring and juicy with mix fruits.

Fresh Fruit with Noodles

My friend Emmie ordered Heart of Greed dessert with jelly, natta de coco & mixed fruits. Fruits diced into cubes specially to combine with jelly & natta de coco. Fresh, juicy melting into your mouth. Enjoying till max.

Heart of Greed dessert

I have photos during my first visit at SS2 branches which i would like to share it here as well. This is Mango Pudding with Noodles, for those mango lovers. Fresh and juicy when you eat. Ripe sweet mango you can taste it here, at the price of RM7 per bowl.

Mango Pudding

I also ordered of Mango Pancake (RM3.50 per piece). The skin was too thick, and it was overladen with cream instead of mangoes. Durian Pancake (RM4 per piece), slightly little bit more expensive than Mango Pancake. Again, overwhelming amount of cream. I find it too creamy to eat like that such a small size. You're allow mix order for different 2 flavors of your choice.

Mango Pancake

During PanCake

While Tim Pan Gor Gor is good with the signature noodles, you can actually try it out yourself. Seems like this place is a perfect hangout with friends out there.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Ichiban Boshi, Sunway Giza @ Kota Damansara

Ichiban Boshi is familiar name to everyone who loves Japanese food. Boshi that is part of the R E & S group restaurants (Singaporean and the same people behind Kuriya) , that I had heard about, from hairyberry once upon a time, has come to PJ. They have 3 main outlets, that is Pavilion, Bangsar, [Kuala Lumpur] & Kota Damansara, Sunway Giza in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. We no longer need to traipse down to the heart of KL, Pavilion to partake of those Japanese anymore. Here at Giza, Kota Damansara, it’s just a stones throw from my ex-office.

It's been nearly 5 months I never been to Kota Damansara since I left my ex-company, I miss PJ food so much. Every time when thinking about food, PJ is the area for nice food. Here am I in Sunway Giza to try out good food. Family love Japanese food very much, we decided to have eat in Ichiban Boshi.

Kota Damansara Branch

Transparent Glass

First time ever here, the shop decoration is transparent that I can even see the chefs to prepare food!! Oh, no I couldn't help it anymore, saliva is dropping making me drooling! lolz. Must be good I suppose!! As we walked, there's a place for us to sit. I saw the shop is fully sited, happening too.

The Menu

Sushi on Sushi Belt

For those sushi lovers, here's definitely sushi heaven. Lot's of varieties a new sushi for your flavor of choice. Some of sushi is different from other shops in terms of design, sizes and flavors. Prices is also slightly different from others, I would say a little bit more expensive to pay, but the quality is good, I suppose!! For your references drink like Green Tea can be refilled  =D

Hot Ocha

Crab meat Sushi

Fish Eggs Sushi

Chuka Idako Sushi

Salmon Sushi

Soft Shell Crabs Sushi

Egg Skin Sushi

Sushi here is different from others, they use a lot eggs skin to wrap sushi, bigger & more fillings inside. They're creative in making different types of sushi, some of them I never seen before. Raw eggs, Salmon meat fresh!! I tell you, taste good, Ichiban!! =D

Terayaki Chicken Don

Adding Orders

Curry Katsu Rice

Enjoying big bowl

Beside, sushi in Boshi, there's are also bento sets too. Quite a big portion and I would say value for money. we ordered Chicken Terayakki & Curry Prawn Rice.Chicken Terayakki offered soft meat, marinated with black sauce, juicy once you bite it. Japanese curry is good, with mild curry. For those like mild curry, this is a good choice to try it out. Both of them delicious!! Recommended to try. Tempting!! Another selection of Japanese food of your choice!! =)

Ichiban Boshi (Kota Damansara)
Lot No. F 0.1, Giza Mall,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 03-6148 1844

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tutti Frutti @ Taipan, Subang Jaya

I love to have dessert since I'm young. I'm inherited by mom, she love cook dessert when ever she is free. To me a bowl of dessert can make you relax and claim. Some people said dessert will make you grow fat, some said too sweet because of health concerns. To me, everything you can eat moderately, know how to control your diets and you still enjoy it till max. =D

Recently, I been cravings for nice lovely desserts. My bro introduced me to this newly open dessert "Tutti Frutti". I think been it's been widely opening up in a couple of months, I just got to know it since last week. Everyone been gossiping this dessert is very expensive, serious?? HHhmm... let scroll down.. and check it out =D

Tutti Fruitti is Frozen Yougurt dessert 100% made by fresh fruit. There's a few flavors for your choice of selections, definitely will melt you heart nicely. How to do order? It's simple just follow the instruction given, and everything DIY. Select a cup size, dispense & Mix Frozen Yougurt, Pick Faouvrite Toppings , lastly Weight & Pay.  Let's scroll down follow the steps below =D

Everything is self serve, sis selecting smallest size cup and she on the dispenser selecting Kiwi flavor. Pull the scrollbar down, then frozen yogurt will pour onto the cup.

Here you are after dispense & Mix Frozen Yougurt. Mix of Apple, Kiwi & Mango flavor. You can even eat like that without toppings. It's sweet and sour taste =D

There are a lots of topping for your choice of taste. These are dry topping, choco chips, M&M, etc etc. There is no limit for toppings, you can take whatever you like.. =)

Next are wet topping basically is different types of jellybeans, natta de coco and fresh fruits!! Frozen yougurt without fruits is like missing something right? lolz =P

Here's my output after I selected toppings. See how colorful it is? Tempting.. Can't wait to eat .. lolz =P

Last step weight & pay! Did you see the price??Wow, it's the most expensive dessert I ever tasted before. I took a lot fresh fruits, it's heavy weight, lolz  =P Let see what the taste... yum yum.. Can't wait to eat..

The smallest cup cost so expensive, I can't image is big cup.. it will cost more than this. I just love the taste, sweet and sour yogurt, melting in your mouth, then go together with fresh fruits & chocolate chips, really melting my savory. I after eating, I feel like addicted and wanted more...  =D

Everyone in family enjoying this. Recommended to try, no doubt is expensive once a while it's worth to try it out. =D

Tutti Frutti can be find in another selected branches near your house or any shopping complex which is listed in their franchise business concept. I like their scenery too, relaxing when sit and talk with your friends. Is a good place for relax. Wifi provided too if you want to surf net.