Sunday, April 17, 2011


Another nice dessert wanna share out with your all. I'm sure everyone hear of this famous dessert shop called Myhoneymoon. Some said this not it's very nice, so I decided to check it out myself, because I'm crazy craving for nice a bowl of dessert. So yesterday night I been to myhoneymoon in IOI BOULEVARD, PUCHONG after dinner and shopping. =)

I have problem in finding IOI BOULEVARD, because Puchong well developed. Quick sometime never visit Puchong. Changes a lot, I took some time to get into this shop. I taught it was hopeless but I never give up, continuing finding until I found this place!! I'm happy, my face shines!! As I walked into shop, lot's of people enjoying dessert. I love the environment and it's happening.

Menu well designed with lot's of varieties type of dessert at affordable price range. Mascot logo of myhoneymoon it's cute, just like a love shape!! I have no idea what to choose, because all the desserts look good and delicious!! =D I love fruits, and decided to go for Assorted Fruits Icy Swallow dessert. Weather hot in Malaysia it's suitable for a cold desserts too.

A lot fruits inside, watermelon, kiwi, mango, etc.. Mango gravy sauce is fresh goes well with milk it's perfect combination. This shop use sago as their main ingredients in dessert compare to others. You see inside floating lot's of sago. Scooping into your mouth, chew it.. hehehehe xD

Sis, ordered Chocolate Vanila Milk Shake with a scoop of ice-cream. Yummy, delicious!! It's chilling place to hang out for nice dessert!! Myhoneymoon can be find in another selected branches near your house or any shopping complex which is listed in their franchise business concept. Is a good place for relax. Wifi provided too if you want to surf net. =D

More Info check it out here Myhoneymoon Official Webpage