Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chu4 Part III - Jetty Complex, Marina Island @ Pangkor

Next destination place of visit would be Jetty Complex, Marina Island near Teluk Batik, Perak. According to Soo this Jetty is another alternative Gateway to Pangkor Island. The journey to Pulau Pangkor by ferry will be shorten with the development of Marina Island Pangkor's domestic jetty. It is merely a 10-15 minutes ferry ride to Pulau Pangkor compares to current 40 minutes from Lumut. The future ferry service will be extended till late nights as to create a constant tourist from Pangkor Island with the intention to promote Marina Island Pangkor as an entertainment hub. International jetty will be established to cater for international cruise liners thus providing docking facilities. This will create a platform for tourist arrival in Marina Island Pangkor thus providing tremendous tourism based business activities.

New bridge connecting to Marina Bay

Crossing from mainland to island

New shop lots 

Still empty after 1 year

Nice shop lots for business

Spacious parking

Jetty Complex

Clean place with green nature

Boating activities

From car park view 

Can see Pangkor Island

Beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery

Signboard for warnings

Lots of trees planting around 

Riding activities

Billboard on Marina Island

Uncovered roof parking

Behind view of car parking

Photo Session #1

Photo Session #2

Terminal Ferry

Photo Session #3

Photo Session #4

Photo Session #5

Big field

Beautiful landscaping

Waiting for departure

Departure Hall

Photo shooting activities

Greenly field

Photo Session #6

Photo Session #7

Photo Session #8

You hear me? Only 10 mins ride on the ferry from the Marina Island Pangkor jetty to Pangkor. Ferry price is the same as Lumut. Ferry waiting area is air-conditional, you don't need to sweat during hot weather seasons. Plenty of parking too and also it's cheaper than Lumut. Beautiful scenery and landscape is excellent place for photo shooting especially for those photography session and wedding photo shootings.  Not forgetting out photo sessions, lot's of memory behind. Lastly, thank you Soo for touring us and also thank you everyone for joining. Till we meet again next year, Happy Chinese New Year!! xD

Below are the guide of how to get to  Jetty Complex, Marina Island
1) Follow the sign to Lumut/ Teluk Batik/ TLDM/ Marina Island Pangkor
1) At the junction where you see a huge Sea Shell, turn LEFT.
2) Follow the sign to Teluk Batik/ Marina Island Pangkor.
3) Go past the turning to Teluk Batik (on your left), drive straight.
4) 50m from the Teluk Batik turning, turn LEFT into MARINA ISLAND. There is a 400m bridge that link the mainland to MARINA ISLAND Pangkor. Follow the sign to the JETTY, to get to Pangkor Island/ Pulau Pangkor.