Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chu1 - House Warming at Relatives House

First day of Chinese New Year, back to hometown visiting relatives for some yummy home cook food. Grand aunt good in cooking Laksa. Every year back hometown sure sapu a bowl laksa. Home made laksa with lots of ikan kembung fish, shredded cucumbers, onions and mint leaves. I love mixed with yellow mee + laksa mee, can't resist drinking laksa soup. Too bad, I always forget to buy keropok ikan (fish crackers) dipping in laksa the soup definitely iciban!! Reminded me of my childhood way of eating Laksa. =)

Laksa, laksa, laksa!!

Grang aunt preparing laksa!!

I want more mee, remember!! 

Sibling been enjoying laksa

Family enjoying laksa, while is my style of snapping photos around for memories. Every year will be a different year, love capturing happy moments with each other especially uncles and aunties and cousin. Eat eat, drink drink, talking created harmony relationship. Once a year, lots of update from them, no doubt technology nowadays with social network playing a main role in our community but for me meeting face to face is totally different with body languages, smiling and the joy of happiness in each face all is priceless.

Uncle and me xD 

Aunties and uncle talking

Cousins enjoying Laksa

This year I been upgraded status of "Aunty" when this little cute boy came into world. It's my cousin's baby boy, this year become the main topic attraction the whole entire house. Everyone busy looking at this cute little nephew. Only about 4 months, by looking at him, feel myself odd to be "Aunty". Not used to status of aunt yet.. lolz xD

Cute little nephew

I'm "aunty" to this little boy

Sharing and updating each other

Chilling during hot weathers

Chiling during hot weathers

Biscuits and cookies
Biscuits and cookies, choice of your favorites can be find here. Chinese New Year, enjoying around by playing Mahjong. Form of joy once a while playing just to relax mind. I'm not expert of Mahjong so I sit beside watching them playing around. Win or lose does not matter most important happiness is around.

Mahjong time

Mahjong kaki

Photos with cousins sisters #1

Photos with cousins #2

Photos with cousins #3

Photo with uncles

Lastly, photo snapping with cousins, and uncles together. Will be missing them a lot, after Chinese New Year they're back to work till next year we only meet again. All I would say happy in meeting them, wishing them and also wishing everyone here "Gong Xi Fa Cai" the year of dragon may everyone have a good health and prosperous Chinese New Year! Huat! =)