Friday, February 03, 2012

Tutti Frutti @ Subang Avenue

I'm back with this Tutti Fruitti post again. Never thought I would come back to this EXPENSIVE dessert shop again. Why i said expensive? Check it out on my previous blog on Tutti Frutti. Coincidence I'm at nearby this area having my dinner, after dinner I walked around, the shop with bright lighting and crowded with bouquets flowers standing in front of door attracted me that much. As I walked near, only saw big banner Grand Opening in Subang Avenue, all frozen yogurts entitled 50% discounts. I'm stunned and my eyes are big @_@ I read and read again to make sure is really 50% discounts!!

Done, stepped inside the shop, Wow! Grand opening, number of customers inside busy queue up to get their favorite frozen yogurt. I want to be in the loop as well, once a blue moon got half price desserts, so wallop la.. tunggu apa lagi.. hahaha xD

I took the green cup which is medium size for my frozen yogurts. Go nearer to the machine to choose on flavors. Lot's of flavors but "eh how come missing mango and kiwi flavor here"? Then I only realized different branches randomly have different flavors. I miss mango and kiwi flavors. It's good also which mean I can try new flavors. Chosen banana + strawberries, Green apple + lime, & pomegranate + berries. Next is topping, this time i'm not going to take fruits because the fruits weight more. I decorated topping with Oreo crunch, chocolate chips, rice chips & M&M's chocolate. Tempting xD

Weighting time, let see how much it cost the normal price. 330 grams cost RM17.49 Normal Price, after 50% discount would be RM8.75. Worth it for the price? =)

Quickly use the spoon scoop and taste it. Tempting, frozen yogurt melting in your mouth. Healthy dessert with low sugars, low calories, fruitti flavors definitely thumbs up. Cheers!! =)

Lot No.SG-03, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall,
No.25, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.