Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Eve Reunion Dinner @ Restaurant Lex Teluk Intan

This is the second year we chosen to have reunion dinner at Restaurant Lex Seafood in my hometown with family, a restaurant that I practically grew up since my childhood days until now. And yeah, if this name sounds familiar, you might have come across this restaurant when you're around this area..

Famous for seafood, we ordered a few dishes for reunion. Quick services also another credit adding on to this shop. We arrived earlier to get a table, otherwise will be pack with peoples. Reunion dinner on the eve absolutely packed especially those who are coming back from outstation definitely will try out hometown delicacy. Without delay we ordered a few dishes for chefs, ready for cooking.

Mantis Shrimp (Kong Pou He Ko Bak)

Mixed Vegetables

Fried Taufu

Asam Steam Fish

Tomato Chili Crabs

The dishes arrived on time, without needed waiting for long hours, so enjoying happily enjoying food. According to my mom, reunion is a must in family, which family members get together to celebrate. Reunion not just bringing each of the family closer but also enhance more stronger relationship. Nothing is more important than one big happy family sitting together to enjoy meal, talking and sharing the tenderness in round table.