Friday, February 17, 2012

Chu4 Part I - Villa Seafood Restaurant

This been second year I'm heading to this Villa Seafood Restaurant @ Kampung Cina, Sitiawan for fresh seafood. Paying a visit to my ex-colleagues definitely is a must once a year during CNY. Co-incidence this group of ladies are from same state, Perak different district but did not let me down from visiting them. My trip to Sitiawan from Teluk Intan using coastal road slightly 45min with the average 100km driving speed. Arriving in the noon time, Soo took the gang and me for lunch.

Kampung Cina, Sitiawan, Perak

From Sitiawan town to this Villa Seafood Restaurant at Kampung Cina, Sitiawan took above 20min drive. Worry of getting there? Fred not, address will be posting at the bottom of the blog later. According to Soo Villa Seafood Restaurant shifted to cater more capacities of customers. For the new outlet, just go straight from the older location. Once you reach an intersection, take a left and after 1km, you will see the new outlet on your left.

Behind is rubber estate plantation

Approximately we arrived at 12pm, so called early not much people yet, we have a chance to choose better place for seating. Soo chosen a small little hut act like chalet just enough for 4-6 peoples in a table. It's outside and we have own privacy while enjoying food most important it's away noise from inside. Chilling and relaxing under fan plus windy, right after place ordered for a few dishes.

Inside Shop

Small Little Hut

Chilling and Relaxing

Villa Seafood Restaurant famous for fresh coconut, can't resist myself from ordering a big coconut to east my thirst at the noon time. Juicy and white flesh of the coconut elastic, just scoop it out wit your spoon to eat. Aside here also famous for the Toddy [Coconut Flower wine / Yeh Fa Jau]. Toddy here is served at room temperature. If you like, you can ask for some ice to chill your toddy, but I recommend drinking it at room temperature. While waiting food to arrive, we had a few photos sessions for our memories.

Fresh Coconut

Photo Session #1

Photo Session #2

Photo Session #3

Photo Session #4

We had Loh Mee this year, compare to previous year with rice. Slightly for a change Loh Mee here is good to eat. Home made yellow mee combine with thick soy sauce cooked with seafood, mushrooms and green vegetables. Next is stir Sang Choy with carrots [green vege], stir Fried Lala with dried chilies, Fried Soft shell Crabs wrapped with bread crumbs. Everything is fresh, juicy. Thumb up!!

 Loh Mee

 Stir Fried Lala

 Fried Crabs with bread crumbs

 Stir Sang Choy

Oh Chien [Fried Osyter]

Lastly, famous is the Oh Chien [Fried Osyter]. Oh Chien in particular, was very crispy at the sides, with juicy M-size oysters deep-fried with batter and eggs. Paired with the famous Kampung Koh chilli sauce, the Oh Chien was almost snack-like, requiring no rice as complement. But this year quality so so only compare to previous year. Perhaps not crunchy enough and also wet and oily. Overall I would said is not bad. Had wonderful lunch in this restaurant. I would also like take this opportunity to thank Soo for the lunch treats. Hope to meet you again next year. Happy Chinese Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Huat Huat Huat!! xD

No 384, Kg. Cina, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak.
Telephone : 6019-574 5918, 6012-469 8118 (Ling Kim Kwang)
Closed on Wednesdays.

Directions : Coming from Ipoh towards Lumut using the Lumut Highway, turn towards Sitiawan town when you see the signboard on your left. Go straight until you reach Sitiawan town, and a crossroad traffic lights, with KFC on your right. At this intersection, turn left and go straight. You’ll passed by 2 schools, and go further until you reach ACS Secondary School.Turn right at the next traffic lights after the school. Go straight until you reach another traffic lights, just go straight from the older oulet. Once you reach an intersection, take a left and after 1km, you will see the new outlet on your left.