Saturday, August 22, 2009

Choco from Natsumi ^^

I got nice choco from Natsumi over the weekend. She got it from Langkawi, 2 flavors assorted choco which is imported from oversea! Alamak, go Langkawi buy me oversea choco...
sighs -_-"!!!

Intro some nice choco which i first time taste it imported from Aussie. 2 types of soft & hard, the choco, it's like marshmallow filled up almond nuts and apricots. Come with different flavors with are green teas, apricot, peppermint & original flavors. 1 bite filled with sweet, gelatin and almond nut inside. 1 box it's rm18++

Another part of the choco it's with alcohol. 1 bite which you can taste creamy of choco with bitter alchohol. First time trying alcohol looks good.. tasty ^^ 1 box it's about RM8++

SQC Jennifer Farewell

Jenn.. her name which i used to called her in short cut or short form when in office. Not know her long.. but slightly 2 months 21 days which is good for me to work together with her and i get to know her more closely. We been colleague working under one roof and she used to bug me over the phone when her laptop face problem. Ring ring.. phone on my table, my hand shaking when i read her extension phone for sure laptop got problem.. hahahaha

Well, from today i will stop listening her, she resigned and moving forward to new company. She is inviting me for farewell and we have simple lunch at Secret Recipe for her farewell. Wishing her all the best for her future under takings with new career path in life. Forget me not ok, Jennifer?? =P

Thanks to Chris for the cam & David for nice shooting XD lolz..

Manhattan Fish Market

Today weather slightly bad, that i could not go out.. stuck at home , i decided to catch up my blog since i'm busy to update my blog. Windy and cooling with a cup of apple juice and a piece of choco, i started with Fish Market blog. While transferring photos, i caught my little sis phone inside some picture that i took when we have dinner last month July.

Sun where my parents were away from house, we (bro & sis) sneaked out for dinner. Thinking of what to eat is always headache point that we face in life. Ended up we make a choice of eating Manhattan Fish Market that is one of my favorite food. Shop serving all type of fishes and not forgetting seafood. Family set deluxe set which is mixed combination of dolly fillets, squids, prawns, oysters, fried and baked cheese rice. Fried + Grilled good combination? Perhaps... muhahahaha... Added in is a bowl of salad with soft drinks. Quite nice the food, after eating there will be always cholesterol which fats inside stomach.. so gotta exercise to burn fats. All added up is about RM100++ for 5 ppls. Strongly recommended to eat for those who like to have fish. ^^

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kawai Ear phone ^^

I used to have ear phone that plugged into my ears when i'm doing my work in office.Too bad.. the ear phone spoiled left side badly affected no sound which i always listened only on right ear. Sounds unbalance with my hearing aid, almost 30 days i have unbalanced ear phone, erm.. decided not to put on ears anymore. Sounds sleepy without some nice music when doing work.. Music motivate me on work, perhaps i pay more concentration on my work & i just close my ears with some soft music but not too loud for my hearing, just nice for me to continue my work.

I decided to get a new pair of ear phone with suits my taste, i'm choosy right? Definitively no coz I wanted light ear phone to put on ears. Previously my ear phone it's like a flower bud plugged into my ear.. after few hours wearing it so damn pain my ear hole.. i need to unplug let it rest a while then only wear it again. A few models which are available in markets which doesn't suit my taste. Some of them big & bulky, which i feel very heavy discomfort for my ears, some with head band which is loosely or too tight i feel pain when wearing it.

I came across with many types of ear phones, finally i found which i like it very much and its looks kawai when i wear it. This is ear phone it's like hearing aid which come with hanger to hang on my hear, light weighted some soft span protecting my hearing, comfortable for my ears. The sound affect it's clear with adjustable volume button. This ear phone also come together with mic function as well which is 2 in 1 function.

This set of ear phone it's rm27, reasonable price, really kawai, photos of my new ear phone. Just ignored my look coz it's totally out... lolz =P

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kingston Lousy Pendrive!

Last year pc fair i bought 2 Kingston pendrives.. which is 4G for almost RM20++ each, i forget the real actual price but seriously this 2 colors of pen drives really lousy! buy not even 1 month i plug into my cpu.. then it said cannot detect my pendrive, then i unplug but dont have signal the light it's moving.. charm joh.. i think my pendrive burned liao.. >.< haiz..

So unlucky.. since i buy less than 1 month n Kingston said pendrive can be warranty 5 years, so i decided to take back to low yat to change it with proof of purchase, the sales guy straight change new pen drive for me.. hope everything will be ok after change new pendrive... ^^ Happily i plug in again to cpu.. omg burned again the LED light of the pendrive it's not working.. wtf.. running all the way to low yat, waste petrol + parking.. got a new 1 then burned again... zzzz.... si beh heng la me... T.T Pendrive so sux and my pocket is burning... =.="

Then i dont want change joh, nvm.. i spend again money to buy same model pendrive n try again.. mana tahu... i plug in then burned again!! ZZZZZZz.... T.T wtf.. lousy pendrive.. i feel like throw into dustbin, but i know Kingston pendrive warranty is 5 YEARS!! should i send back to Kingston for warranty??? Should i??? I feel like really wasted money for Kingston pendrive! Yesterday my 2nd sis when 2 pc fair.. i asked her to me another Kingston pendrive, but different model.. with 4G pendrive RM29. i hope will be ok when i plug in.. i dont dare to try also, hope it's ok to use... Let me try it 1st.. then i shall let u know the answer.. ^^

Ghim Yee + Janice Tan Wedding 2009!

Long long time... after i left my ex-company ACS almost for 2 years in Luxor tower @ Damansara, PJ. Time really flies.. i met up with a few of my ex-colleagues on big occasion for Ghim Yee & Janice big day + house warming.

1st Aug 2009, house warming at Bandar Bukit Puchong 2, GY + Janice invited Eric, Shahrul Nizam, Siew Wah, Rudy, Darren & me to their new house. Only Darren & Ruddy cannot make it while the rest it's ok. Everyone have no idea where is Ghim's house never heard b4.. even though i know Puchong, but it's huge piece of land.. we decided to car pool in Eric's car to his house.

i waited 6.30pm sharp @ Citibank, parked my car in front citibank.. walked to meet up with Siew Wah, the very leng lui girl, yeah 2 year she still beautiful with short boy cut hair.. Awesome suit her face n she always smile. Chit chat with her mean while Sharul Nizam called up where to meet. We both get down from the car and walked to his car.

Omg... Nizam, he changed his new Toyota Vios, which i like it very much.. U know 2 years... myself quite out dated. Yeah.. Nizam allowed me to view his car.. I keep on open n flip his car door.. glance to his new Navy blue vios car. Everything look so cool.. I can't control myself to view new car. Life it's good with status? hhmm perhaps.. with a car n house ppl wont look down at u? Maybe.. ***wink***

Next is Eric.. i'm wondering what is Eric doing lately.. 2 years perhaps he might change also?? Yeap.. it is for sure.. He got a new car 2!!!.. GGGRRR.... i'm happy for him too.. He got new metalic silver Persona.. n he told me we're no 47 passenggers to sit his new Persona car. lolz.. i can't stand to laugh inside my heart.. Awesome his car.. but he took manual gear? Yeah.. his style.. Grats Eric for your new car!! cool aswesome car... ^^ Eric ur skin it's dark lately what u been up to??

Next we car pool in Eric's car .. got lost in Ghim's house but we managed to reach on time. Antoher awesome Ghim + Janice.. lovely beautiful house. Semi-D double storey house.. Big n spacious compare to my house. The only this in my house can parked 4 cars, while his house only can park 2 cars. We had simple buffet dinner and also chit chat with them. A lot stuffs... what the update among each others. We gave Ghim + Janice a IKEA chair as present gift. Thank for everyone's meeting up. I hope i can be like them 1 day... ^^

Well coming 09/09/09 it's Ghim + Janice registration wedding in JB. Grats the couple happy marriage and have wonderful life after marriage.

Japenese Steamboat ^^

So fast time fly.. now we're heading to the month of AUG 2009. Yippie.. my 1st blog for the month of AUG is.. ahem.. food? Yeah.. food... i dunno y.. i feel like sharing with u all some nice food.. ^^

My friend told me there newly open Japenese steamboat nearby Sunway Mentari Court facing LDP highway. For those who love steamboat should give a try on this japanese style.

We been there when it's on promotion time for almost 1 month.. the price is RM39.90 buy 1 free 1 not including drinks. Eat all you can for the buffet, but they will charged u RM10 per 100 gm if you waste the food. So guys eat.. but don't be greedy... n also care for your stomach ^^

The steamboat it's using hot plate whereby you can choose half side for tong yam soup & the other half it's chicken soup. All the food it's served ready on the table .. where by you need to D.I.Y. While waiting the soup ready, we head over to food column to select the ingredients for steamboat. Seafood, have fresh oysters, mussels, lalas, crabs, prawn, fish .. etc
Meat u have chicken n fish ..but it's porkless.. halal.. even muslim ppl also can eat.
A lot variety of meat ball, fresh mushroom, vegetables & salad. Dessert served with fruits and ice-creams. Oh yeah not forgetting satay, chicken wings, fried dry salt fish.. Etc all looks yummy.. ^^

How's the taste..? This i leave it to you all to try it out... Recommended to try ^^ Ok la.. i stop here.. let the photo do the talking.. ^^