Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ghim Yee + Janice Tan Wedding 2009!

Long long time... after i left my ex-company ACS almost for 2 years in Luxor tower @ Damansara, PJ. Time really flies.. i met up with a few of my ex-colleagues on big occasion for Ghim Yee & Janice big day + house warming.

1st Aug 2009, house warming at Bandar Bukit Puchong 2, GY + Janice invited Eric, Shahrul Nizam, Siew Wah, Rudy, Darren & me to their new house. Only Darren & Ruddy cannot make it while the rest it's ok. Everyone have no idea where is Ghim's house never heard b4.. even though i know Puchong, but it's huge piece of land.. we decided to car pool in Eric's car to his house.

i waited 6.30pm sharp @ Citibank, parked my car in front citibank.. walked to meet up with Siew Wah, the very leng lui girl, yeah 2 year she still beautiful with short boy cut hair.. Awesome suit her face n she always smile. Chit chat with her mean while Sharul Nizam called up where to meet. We both get down from the car and walked to his car.

Omg... Nizam, he changed his new Toyota Vios, which i like it very much.. U know 2 years... myself quite out dated. Yeah.. Nizam allowed me to view his car.. I keep on open n flip his car door.. glance to his new Navy blue vios car. Everything look so cool.. I can't control myself to view new car. Life it's good with status? hhmm perhaps.. with a car n house ppl wont look down at u? Maybe.. ***wink***

Next is Eric.. i'm wondering what is Eric doing lately.. 2 years perhaps he might change also?? Yeap.. it is for sure.. He got a new car 2!!!.. GGGRRR.... i'm happy for him too.. He got new metalic silver Persona.. n he told me we're no 47 passenggers to sit his new Persona car. lolz.. i can't stand to laugh inside my heart.. Awesome his car.. but he took manual gear? Yeah.. his style.. Grats Eric for your new car!! cool aswesome car... ^^ Eric ur skin it's dark lately what u been up to??

Next we car pool in Eric's car .. got lost in Ghim's house but we managed to reach on time. Antoher awesome Ghim + Janice.. lovely beautiful house. Semi-D double storey house.. Big n spacious compare to my house. The only this in my house can parked 4 cars, while his house only can park 2 cars. We had simple buffet dinner and also chit chat with them. A lot stuffs... what the update among each others. We gave Ghim + Janice a IKEA chair as present gift. Thank for everyone's meeting up. I hope i can be like them 1 day... ^^

Well coming 09/09/09 it's Ghim + Janice registration wedding in JB. Grats the couple happy marriage and have wonderful life after marriage.