Saturday, August 22, 2009

Choco from Natsumi ^^

I got nice choco from Natsumi over the weekend. She got it from Langkawi, 2 flavors assorted choco which is imported from oversea! Alamak, go Langkawi buy me oversea choco...
sighs -_-"!!!

Intro some nice choco which i first time taste it imported from Aussie. 2 types of soft & hard, the choco, it's like marshmallow filled up almond nuts and apricots. Come with different flavors with are green teas, apricot, peppermint & original flavors. 1 bite filled with sweet, gelatin and almond nut inside. 1 box it's rm18++

Another part of the choco it's with alcohol. 1 bite which you can taste creamy of choco with bitter alchohol. First time trying alcohol looks good.. tasty ^^ 1 box it's about RM8++