Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kawai Ear phone ^^

I used to have ear phone that plugged into my ears when i'm doing my work in office.Too bad.. the ear phone spoiled left side badly affected no sound which i always listened only on right ear. Sounds unbalance with my hearing aid, almost 30 days i have unbalanced ear phone, erm.. decided not to put on ears anymore. Sounds sleepy without some nice music when doing work.. Music motivate me on work, perhaps i pay more concentration on my work & i just close my ears with some soft music but not too loud for my hearing, just nice for me to continue my work.

I decided to get a new pair of ear phone with suits my taste, i'm choosy right? Definitively no coz I wanted light ear phone to put on ears. Previously my ear phone it's like a flower bud plugged into my ear.. after few hours wearing it so damn pain my ear hole.. i need to unplug let it rest a while then only wear it again. A few models which are available in markets which doesn't suit my taste. Some of them big & bulky, which i feel very heavy discomfort for my ears, some with head band which is loosely or too tight i feel pain when wearing it.

I came across with many types of ear phones, finally i found which i like it very much and its looks kawai when i wear it. This is ear phone it's like hearing aid which come with hanger to hang on my hear, light weighted some soft span protecting my hearing, comfortable for my ears. The sound affect it's clear with adjustable volume button. This ear phone also come together with mic function as well which is 2 in 1 function.

This set of ear phone it's rm27, reasonable price, really kawai, photos of my new ear phone. Just ignored my look coz it's totally out... lolz =P