Saturday, August 22, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market

Today weather slightly bad, that i could not go out.. stuck at home , i decided to catch up my blog since i'm busy to update my blog. Windy and cooling with a cup of apple juice and a piece of choco, i started with Fish Market blog. While transferring photos, i caught my little sis phone inside some picture that i took when we have dinner last month July.

Sun where my parents were away from house, we (bro & sis) sneaked out for dinner. Thinking of what to eat is always headache point that we face in life. Ended up we make a choice of eating Manhattan Fish Market that is one of my favorite food. Shop serving all type of fishes and not forgetting seafood. Family set deluxe set which is mixed combination of dolly fillets, squids, prawns, oysters, fried and baked cheese rice. Fried + Grilled good combination? Perhaps... muhahahaha... Added in is a bowl of salad with soft drinks. Quite nice the food, after eating there will be always cholesterol which fats inside stomach.. so gotta exercise to burn fats. All added up is about RM100++ for 5 ppls. Strongly recommended to eat for those who like to have fish. ^^