Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grand Garden Steamboat - Taipan USJ

Yesterday night weather in KL very bad, with heavy storm rain. I was about to wake up from nap, it's started heavy rain with heavy lighting . I opened my eyes, grabbed my phone to check on time.. Arggghh.. it's 7pm the sky it's very dark like 9pm at night. My stomach started yelling, hungry after lunch at 12pm. I have to wait the heavy rain stop than I only can go have my dinner. Despite while i'm laying in bed, what came across in my mind about dinner for tonite coz cold weather after heavy rain. Yeap, that's right steamboat that the right choice. Just nearby my house there's Japanese steamboat that caught my eyes long time ago. Just today it's right time for me to taste it out with family... Another hot plate steamboat with it's individual portion that you can eat all at the price of RM26.80. Children it's half price.

I'm attracted with the steamboat preparation coz it's looks like Japanese sushi with table rolling, whereby you can take what ever you like to eat. Being clean & hygiene with small portion of food just nice for my stomach as they did not waste the food, packing in small portion stuffs.Variety soups you can select such as Chicken soup, herbal soup, prawn soup, tong yam soup & Extra spicy soup that made your dinner really tasty. I love fried wantan, Har kou and Chicken wings, tempting yet I love most is peaceful and quiet!! Recommended to eat.. ! (^.^)

Pyramid Cny Decorations

After having heavy food, it's time to burn out some food in stomach, we walk around the shopping complex.. something it's attracting me it's main Pyramid hall. It was CNY decorations stage. This year Pyramid theme it's totally like Petaling street with China town theme. I can't help myself to snap photos for my blog, suddenly when i'm snapping photo, lion mascot appears in front of cam with stupid post @@. He blocked my stage at the end I have no choice but to take his stupid photo too. My sis said it's cute.. she grabbed lion mascot and snap a photo too. Very funny act... He is photogenic the lion mascot... lolz

Day 13 CNY (Chu 13) - Korean Food

Noon time, went lunch with sis after long walk in Pyramid shopping today, coz it's a public holiday. No idea what to eat for lunch, sis decided to eat in those shops behind Asian Avenue, inside new building inside Sunway Pyramid. Normally I shop but did not taste the food here.. So I give myself 2nd try on Korean Food. Hope it's nice coz I believe Korean Food it's hard to eat, maybe it's the taste that we're not use to it...

Korean Food Shop

After tasted this shop, the food changed my perception.. Recommended to eat as the price it's reasonable with set lunch. Korean Ramen RM12.90, Mixed Rice with Tuna set is RM11.90 & Korean Peanut Green Tea RM1.90.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 12 CNY (Chu 12) - Company CNY Lunch

Yet this year its better for me after joining family Lou Sang, this in my 2nd time of Lou Sang...
I guess everyone sure have more than 1 time Lou Sang including myself as well. This year company hosting simple CNY lunch nearby office at Star City. The restaurant it's simple yet the food it's tasty & nice.. Beside lunch we celebrated staffs who are celebrating birthday in Feb 2010. I have some of the happy moments pictures during lunch time... (^.^)

After Lunch Birthday Celebrations

Wish all my colleagues Happy Birthday & Gong Xi Fa Cai

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 9 CNY (Chu 9) - Souvenir from Bali

First day back to work on Chu 9, Lim back from vacation in Bali during CNY.
He bought all staffs calendar handicraft souvenir bcoz Bali is famous for hand made handicraft. He also bought layer cake for us, can't resist eating it, Tempting..
Thank you Lim for cake & souvenir

Wooden made handicraft Calendar

Ladies taking photos

Yeah this is what I have chosen for myself

Day 8 CNY (Chu 8) - Granny

Chu 8, after back to KL, good day to visit granny to get blessing from her.
When we reached there, we saw uncle and aunties there too.
Some of my cousin which I never meet long time also coming.
I pray to God that granny have good health and also long life.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 7 CNY (Chu 7) - Lou Sang

Chu 7 of CNY, it's a good day for Lou Yee Sang, after we back from hometown to KL.
We tot eating outside but family prefer home cook steamboat.
Since the weather is hot, we eat at home and not forgetting to turn on the air-con.
I let the photo do the talking.. enjoying steamboat.. yummy (^.^)

Vegetables for steamboats

Ingredients for steamboat

Yee Sang & Steamboat

Helping out for steamboat

Family lou sang & dinner time

Steamboat with red wine & mixed fruit punch

Day 5 CNY (Chu 5) - Lumut Trip

We take a tour to Lumut after heavy lunch time to burn out the calories.
We travel down from Teluk Intan to Lumut take about 45 min.
Lumut it's Perak popular tourist attraction to Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island).
I combined all the photos together... (^.^)
Please click on to photos to enlarge photos size.. Thanks