Friday, November 05, 2010

Jojo Little Kitchen

Last week I brought friend out for lunch at Jojo Little Kitchen in SS15 Subang Jaya. We no idea what eat, just right my car by pass this Jojo Little Kitchen, we walked into this shop. Being first timer..I just walked in lot's of people at the shop. Jojo Little Kitchen is well known for its Pan Mee. Pan Mee is a type of Hokkien-style noodle made of flour and egg. The name Pan Mee literally means flat flour noodle.

They come up with daily menu set which the price is affordable for everyone to eat. It only available during weekdays suitable for working people while their having lunch time.

Plenty varieties pan mee you can selected from menu. They are soup and dry pan mee. Herbal based, spicy, traditional are the famous food in this shop.

Each bowl of Latt Jiu Pan Mee is accompanied with a spoon of homemade chilli condiment. You can add more of the chilli according to my own taste preference of hotness and spiciness. When you mix the chilli into the pan mee, it immediately changed and looked like Malak Mien (Spicy noodle).

Apple + Sengkuang Cina Juice

Hot TauFu Fa + Longan

This what i called Dry Pork Pan Mee. Before you eat you must mixed with soy sauce coz the sauce is at bottom. The taste it not my choice, I think some other shop is better than this. The bowl of mee is very small portion and ingredients are very less.

We also called side dishes add extra Wantan soup.. but really disappointing Wantan small filling is less not a good choice at my heart. Soup is too salty according to my friend, Emmie.

Emmie, ordered Herbal Pan Mee soup. She complaining why is that Herbal is hot n spicy?? Seriously I have no idea n also wondering why.. After eating, she found a green chili inside her pan mee. She is grumble non stop, and wondering why so spicy.. Wondering if they mistakenly thrown chili inside. After paying the bill we decided not to walk in to this shop anymore. Frustrated with food in this shop.