Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bar.B.Q Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday was the gals night, why? Mama not around.. we sneaked out for lovely dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid. Quite some time never eat this before, this my 2nd return visit after my first visit during April this year.

What is all about Bar B.Q Plaza? Bar B Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbeque restaurant. We focus on the selection of high-quality meats and vegetables where customers can experience self-grilling. Such cooking experience makes dining at Bar B Q Plaza enjoyable and mesmerizing. The meal is also accompanied by specially prepared sauce, which taste just right for grilled food - Quoted from Bar B.Q Plaza Home Page.

Food portion is very suitable to eat with large group of people, recommended to eat around 4-6 person. Menu comes with a lot varieties choices such as FAMILY SET, SUPREME SET & ECONOMY SET. Beside that, they also served with lot's of varieties side dishes.We go for FAMILY SET alwiz =D

Garlic Rice RM2.50

Fried Bacon - RM7.90

 Fried Dumpling RM7.90

Garlic rice is most famous food in this restaurant. Fried garlic is been added into rice, beware of eating garlic otherwise heavy smell will scare people away. =P Another of my favorite food, is Fried Bacon and Fried Dumpling. Love till max while eating =)

 BBQ Sauce

This called BBQ sauce. It's combination of chilies [green + red] + garlic + twisted fresh lime. Mixed all together and it become like this. Original home made BBQ sauce, yummy. Your meal won't be completing without this BBQ sauce. =D

Pour Chicken Soup onto the BBQ platter

 Place Pork Lard on top the tray. 
Put in veges into chicken soup to add some sweetness to the soup and have fun BBQ-ing

 Once the other side is ready, flipped over meat can cook on it.
It's easy just DIY =D

Both gals enjoying photo session of Fried Bacon =P

Newbie don't know how to cook? Fred not, they're come with out with guide manual process to teach you how to cook, There are English version and Chinese version. More details on how to cook, do refer here. It's fun of learning how to cook... Let's be chef and eat till max. Recommended to here. We enjoyed till max =D